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[Bates College Catalog 1998-1999]


Address correspondence to Bates College, Lewiston, Maine 04240.

Fax Number for All Offices: (207) 786-6123

Admissions and Scholarships
The Dean of Admissions, (207) 786-6000
Lindholm House

Request for Catalog
The Dean of Admissions, (207) 786-6000
Lindholm House

Matters of General College Interest
The President, (207) 786-6100
204 Lane Hall

Alumni Interest
The Director of Alumni Relations, (207) 786-6127
3rd Floor, Lane Hall

Employment of Seniors and Alumni
The Director of Career Services, (207) 786-6232
Office of Career Services

Gifts and Bequests
The Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs, (207) 786-6245
3rd Floor, Lane Hall

This catalog constitutes the basic agreement between the College and its students and prospective students. In case of conflict between this catalog and any supplements hereto and any other written or oral statements, this catalog and its supplements shall be deemed to be the official statement. The College reserves the right to change any of the statements herein by reasonable notice in any supplemental catalog or other publication specifically setting forth any such changes.

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