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[The Administration]

The Library

Eugene Lee Wiemers (1994), B.A., Macalester; M.A., Chicago; M.S., Illinois; Ph.D., Chicago--Librarian

Paula Diane Matthews (1978), B.A., M.A., Oberlin; M.A. in L.S., Iowa --Associate Librarian

Mary Elizabeth Atchison (1966), B.A., Trinity (Vermont); M.L.S., Pratt --Catalog Librarian

LaVerne Paipolas Winn (1976), B.A., M.S., M.S. in L.S., Illinois -- Science Reference Librarian

Thomas Ames Hayward (1976), B.A., Harvard; M.A., Maine; M.L.S., -- Rutgers Humanities Reference Librarian

Sandra Lee Groleau (1972), B.A., Edinboro State; M.L.S., Maine -- Documents Librarian

Laura Ann Juraska (1983), B.A., Wisconsin; P.M.C., M.L.S., Indiana-- Social Sciences Reference Librarian

Sharon Kramer Saunders (1990), B.F.A., Carnegie-Mellon; M.A., M.L.S., Pittsburgh -- Non-Book Catalog Librarian

John Charles Harrison (1996), B.A., M.L.I.S., Texas-- Acquisitions Librarian

Kurt Frederick Kuss (1997), B.A., M.L.S., Maryland-- Special Collections Librarian

Maryann Hight (1998), B.A., M.L.S., Indiana--Instructional Services Librarian

Anne Brown Dunbar (1976), L.T.A., Westbrook--Acquisitions Assistant

James Albert Lamontagne (1977), B.A., St. Francis -- Catalog Assistant

Janice Ruth Lee (1981), B.Mus., Northwestern -- Audio Assistant

Renee Spring Phelan (1982), B.A., Bowdoin -- Documents Assistant

Pamela Bubier (1985) -- Preservation Assistant

Gilbert Emile Marcotte (1985), B.A., Holy Cross; M.D., Boston University--Public Services Assistant

Margaret Anne Gardner (1986), R.T., St. Mary's Hospital -- Catalog Services Assistant

Rachel Claire Jacques (1990)-- Assistant to the Librarian

Carole Anne Parker (1990), B.A., -- Southern Maine Acquisitions Assistant

Julie Ann Retelle (1991), B.A., Salem State; M.L.S., South Carolina -- Head of Circulation

Elaine Morrill Ardia (1992), B.A., Eastern College-- Interlibrary Loan Assistant

Susan L. MacArthur (1994), B.A., Allegheny; M.L.S., SUNY (Buffalo) -- Catalog Assistant

Judith L. Hansen (1994), B.A., St. Michael's; M.L.S., South Carolina -- Public Services Assistant

Brenda D. Reynolds (1995) -- Public Services Assistant

Melissa A. Gilmartin (1998), B.A., Minnesota; M.A., Massachusetts--Public Services Assistant

The Administration

Office of the President
Donald W. Harward, Ph.D.-- President

Katharine Frances Stevens -- Secretary to the President

Claire B. Schmoll-- Administrative Assistant, Office of the President

Joyce I. Caron -- Secretary, Office of the President

Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty
Ann Besser Scott, Ph.D.-- Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs and

Dean of the Faculty; Charles A.-- Dana Professor of Music

Elizabeth Howard Tobin, Ph.D. -- Acting Associate Dean of the Faculty, winter semester and Short Term; Professor of History

Kerry Anne O'Brien, M.A.-- Assistant Dean of the Faculty

Sheila McFadden Sylvester -- Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Jeanne L. Beliveau, A.S. -- Secretary to the Dean

Office of the Vice President for Financial Affairs and Treasurer
Peter C. Fackler, M.B.A., C.P.A. --Vice President for Financial Affairs and Treasurer of the Corporation

Marie S. Hastings --Administrative Assistant to the Treasurer

Natalie Williamson, M.B.A., C.P.A. --Assistant Controlle

r Judith Marden Bergevin, B.A. --Director of Personnel

Philip H. Meldrum, B.S.M.E., M.B.A. --Plant Engineer

Patricia C. Murphy, B.S.--Director of Physical Plant

Elaine T. Freeman --Associate Director of Physical Plant

Robert P. Volpi, B.S. --Director of Dining Services

Bradford L. Slye, A.C.A. --Executive Chef, Dining Services

Sarah E. Potter, B.A. --Director of Contracting Office and College Store

Laurie H. Henderson --Director of Office Services

Eric Germain, B.S. --Director of Safety

Office of the Vice President for Administrative Services
William C. Hiss, Ph.D.--Vice President for Administrative Services

Laura Myrand --Secretary to the Vice President

Office of the Dean of Students
F. Celeste Branham, M.P.A.--Dean of Students

Mary E. Gravel --Secretary to the Dean and Office Manager

Stephen Weld Sawyer, Ph.D. --Associate Dean of Students

Koren K. Burris --Secretary to the Dean

James Lorenzo Reese, B.A. --Associate Dean of Students

Jeannine M. Ferron --Secretary to the Dean

Daniel B. Ludden, M.A. --Assistant Dean of Students

Belinda E. Ouellette --Secretary to the Dean

Peter H. Taylor, M.Ed.-- Assistant Dean of Students

Claire D. Lavallee --Secretary to the Dean

Laura J. Biscoe, B.A. --Assistant Coordinator of Student Activities, Volunteer Coordinator

Czerny Brasuell, M.Ed.-- Director of Multicultural Affairs

Keith M. Tannenbaum, M.A.-- Coordinator of Housing/Student Activities Assistant

Office of the Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs
Victoria M. Devlin, B.A. --Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs

Rosalyn A. Hines, J.D.-- Director of Development

Elizabeth A. Ahern, B.A.-- Associate Director of Annual Giving

Kathleen A. Arsenault --Administrative Assistant to the Vice President

Sean P. Campbell, B.A. --Director of Parents and Family Association and Associate Director of Annual Giving

Rebecca Swanson Conrad, B.A. --Capital Gifts Officer

Lysanne R. Doucette --Assistant Director of Development Operations

Lori M. Eastman, B.S. --Director of Annual Giving

Susan E. Hubley, B.A. --Assistant Director of Development

George C. Kendrick, M.S. --Director of Development Operations

Jill C. Mackey, B.A. --Assistant Director of Development/Information Manager

Scott R. Marchildon, B.A. --Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Elizabeth O. Nash, B.A. --Assistant Director of Development

Scott E. Steinberg, M.B.A.-- Director of Alumni Relations

Christina Wellington Traister, B.A.-- Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Paul K. Wason, Ph.D. --Foundations and Corporations Officer

Office of the Dean of the College
James Walter Carignan, Ph.D.-- Dean of the College

Christopher Merriman Beam, Ph.D. --Director of the Edmund S. Muskie Archives

Elizabeth K. Sheppard, B.A.-- Director of Special Projects and Summer Programs

Margaret R. Rotundo, B.A.-- Associate Director, Center for Service-Learning

David D. DeBlois, B.A. --Assistant Director of Special Projects and Summer Programs

Maria Lynn Libby, B.A. --Environmental Coordinator

Sylvia Mary Deschaine --Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Rebecca L. Lelansky --Secretary, Office of Special Projects and Summer Programs

Office of Admissions
Wylie L. Mitchell, B.A.-- Dean of Admissions

Virginia E. Harrison, B.A.-- Associate Dean of Admissions

Carmita L. McCoy, M.S. --Associate Dean of Admissions

Kim Ma Gustafson, B.A. --Assistant Dean of Admissions

Karen M. Kothe, M.A. --Assistant Dean of Admissions

Demisha W. Lee, B.A. --Assistant Dean of Admissions

J. Reese Madden, Jr., B.A.-- Assistant Dean of Admissions

Linda A. Mitchell, B.S. --Assistant Dean of Admissions

Katie R. Moran, B.A. --Assistant Dean of Admissions

Cathy L. McQuarrie --Office Manager

Office of Affirmative Action
Joanna E. Lee, M.A.-- Director of Affirmative Action

Carmen L. Nadeau --Assistant to the Director of Affirmative Action

Office of the Director of Athletics
Suzanne R. Coffey, B.A. --Director of Athletics

Janice K. Beaudoin --Department Business Manage

Alfred W. Brown, M.A. --Coach of Men's Lacrosse; Assistant Coach of Football

Carol B. Carpentier --Administrative Assistant to the Director

Carolyn A. Court, M.S. --Coach of Women's Cross Country and Track

Jeffery K. Comissiong, B.S. --Assistant Coach of Football

Albert M. Fereshetian, Jr., B.S. --Coach of Men's Cross Country and Track

George E. Finn, B.S., A.T.C.-- Director of Sports Medicine; Director of Operations

Robert C. Flynn, B.S. --Coach of Baseball and Golf

Paul Gastonguay, B.A. --Coach of Men's Tennis and Squash

Marsha A. Graef, M.A. --Coach of Volleyball; Coordinator of Physical Education and Club Sports

Mark Harriman, B.S. --Coach of Football

John Illig, B.A. --Coach of Women's Tennis and Squash

Winifred Hohlt, M.S.-- Coach of Field Hockey and Women's Lacrosse

Eric A. Mackey, B.S. --Coach of Alpine Skiing

Dana M. Mulholland, M.S.Ed.--Coach of Swimming and Diving; Assistant Director of Athletics

James P. Murphy, M.A.-- Coach of Women's Soccer and Women's Basketball

Holly Politis, B.S., A.T.C. --Athletic Trainer

George S. Purgavie, M.S. --Coach of Men's Soccer; Assistant Coach of Baseball

Joseph P. Reilly, M.B.A. --Coach of Men's Basketball; Director of Intramurals

Shaw Tilton, M.A.T. --Coaching Intern, Crew

Craig Vandersea, B.S. --Assistant Coach of Football

Michael N. Verville, B.S., --A.T.C. Athletic Trainer

Jeffrey Vartabedian, M.Ed --Assistant Coach of Football

Rebecca F. Woods, B.A. --Coach of Nordic Skiing

Bates-Morse Mountain Conservation Area
Deirdre Whitehead, M.S.-- Acting Area Manager

Office of Career Services
A. Charles Kovacs, M.A. -- Director

Karen Daigler, M.A. -- Assistant Director

Jessica Tracy, M.Ed. --Assistant Director

Jill M. Helmkamp, M.S. --Assistant Director

Nancy Foushee --Assistant Director

Michael Wisnewsky, M.Ed. -- Assistant Director

Manon Pratt --Recruiting Coordinator/Office Manager

Alice E. Sanborn --Credentials Coordinator/Project Administrator

Jennifer R. Davis, B.S. --Career Resource Specialist/Receptionist

Office of the College Chaplain
Kerry A. Maloney, M.Div. --College Chaplain

William Cutler, M.Div. --Associate Chaplain

Johanna Nichols, M.S., M.Div. --Associate Chaplain

Douglas Weber, M.A.H.L. -- Associate Chaplain

Office of College Relations
Patricia A. Lawson, M.S. -- Director of College Relations

Ann M. Parks, B.F.A. -- Manager of Design Services

Tammy M. Roy Caron, B.F.A. -- Senior Designer

Henry J. Burns, Jr., A.B. -- Editor, Bates Magazine

Phyllis Graber Jensen, -- M.S. Staff Writer

Marc Glass, B.A. -- Staff Writer

Ronald L. Meldrum, B.A. --Systems Coordinator

Adam Levin, B.A. -- Sports Information Director

Jennifer M. Cote, B.F.A. --Designer

Carol S. Wyse-Ricker-- Secretary

Office of Financial Aid
Leigh P. Campbell, B.A. -- Director of Financial Aid

Wendy G. Glass, B.A. -- Associate Director of Financial Aid

Jessica L. Bernier, B.A. -- Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Adam J. Garcia, J.D. -- Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Health Service
Christy P. Tisdale, R.N.C., M.S.N., M.S.Ed., A.N.P. --Director; Nurse Practitioner

Betty Kennedy, M.D. -- Clinic Physician

Sally Beck, R.N.L., M.S.N., A.P.R.N. --Nurse Practitioner

Kathy Coleman, R.N.C., M.Ed., N.P. --Nurse Practitioner

Eric Griffey, M.D. --Consultant in Psychiatry

Wayne Moody, M.D. -- Consultant in Orthopedics

Paul Cain, M.D. -- Consultant in Orthopedics

David Brown, M.D. --Consultant in Orthopedics

Margaret Daros, L.C.S.W., L.S.A.C. --Counselor

Andrea Eusden, L.C.S.W. --Counselor

Thomas B. Johnson, Jr., Ed.D. --Psychologist

Dale McGee, L.C.S.W., L.S.A.C. -- Counselor

Linda A. Meier, M.S., L.C.P.C., L.M.F.T.--Counselor

Paula Marcus Platz, L.C.S.W. --Counselor

Katrine Scholl, L.C.S.W. --Counselor

June Thorton-Marsh, L.C.S.W. --Counselor

Adelaide Trafton, R.N., M.S.N. --Counselor

Beverly Daley, R.N. --Staff Nurse

Margaret Leonard, R.N.C. --Staff Nurse

Donna M. Morin, R.N.C. --Staff Nurse

Carole A. Quinn, R.N. --Staff Nurse

Bernard J. Vigna, R.N. --Staff Nurse

Jane Zocchi, M.P.H., R.N.C. --Staff Nurse

Cynthia Visbaras, R.N.C., M.Ed. --Health Educator

Margaret Ashton--Secretary/Receptionist

Doris Ducharme --Insurance Coordinator

Information Services
James Frederick Bauer, B.S. -- Director for Infrastructure

Bernadette Marie Kenney, B.A. --Director for Integrated Applications

Linda Darlene Spugnardi, M.A. --Director for User Assistance

Eugene Lee Wiemers, Ph.D. --Librarian

Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis
James C. Fergerson, M.A. --Director

Sarah Jane Bernard, M.L.I.S. --Technical Specialist for Institutional Research and Records

C. Ellen Peters, M.Ed. --Assistant Director for Institutional Research

The Bates College Museum of Art
Genetta McLean, Ph.D. --Director/Curator

William H. Low, M.A. --Assistant Curator

Anthony Shostak, B.F.A. --Education Coordinator

The Edmund S. Muskie Archives
Christopher Merriman Beam, Ph.D. -- Director

Ralph Rodney Perkins, Jr., A.A.S. --Technical Assistant

Office of the Registrar
Meredith Horton Braz, M.A.T. --Registrar

Mary Katherine Meserve, B.A. --Associate Registrar

Sarah Jane Bernard, M.L.I.S. --Technical Specialist for Institutional Research and Records

Anne Marie Odom --Office Manager

Elaine Marie Caouette --Records Administrator

Office of Security and Campus Safety
Larry Johnson, M.S. --Director

Sherri L. Brooks --Associate Director

Ronald P. Lessard, A.A.-- Assistant Director

The Writing Workshop
Joyce H. Seligman, M.A. --Director

James C. Austin, Ph.D. --Assistant in Instruction

Maria C. Boza, M.F.A. --Assistant in Instruction

Margaret Fisher, B.A. --Assistant in Instruction

Seri G. Rudolph, Ph.D. --Assistant in Instruction

Richard L. Wile, M.A. --Assistant in Instruction

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