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What's New, July 10, 1995

The Watermark Archive Goes WWW

If you are reading this, you already know that the Watermark Archive has moved out from its Gopher base at Bates College to the World Wide Web.

If you haven't gotten through the whole range of WWW pages or through the home page before looking at "What's New," you may not realize how the Watermark Archive has changed.

The Watermark Archive began as a way of publishing the catalog of papers of Greek Manuscripts of Philotheou Monastery on Mount Athos and the corresponding watermark prints. Now, taking advantage of the development of WWW browsers and Web interfaces capable of handling forms and databases, the Archive is expanding to become a central repository for information about papers and watermarks in Greek manuscripts. The objective of the new Watermark Archive is to become a comprehensive electronic Briquet for papers in Greek manuscripts. Unlike the traditional printed medium, the electronic one allows all scholars working with papers in Greek manuscripts to publish their finds here, simultaneously building a database which will be the more valuable the larger it becomes.

In keeping with its goal of becoming a comprehensive resource for identifying papers in Greek manuscripts, the Watermark Archive has instituted a third database and a news service.

The New Bibliographical Database

The new database is an interactive bibliography of publications in traditional printed form relating to papers in Greek manuscripts. The purpose of this database is to enable scholars to find the information on particular types of paper and particular watermarks that are now scattered in diverse kinds of scholarly publications. The main part of the bibliography is therefore an index (by watermark design) of these scattered publications. Books and articles listed in the Bibliographical database are indexed for watermarks. This means that watermarks published in these sources will be found by searches in which a watermark name is specified, and that these bibliographical references will be included in the printout of search results. Like the rest of the Watermark Archive, the new database is intended to grow from the contributions of its users. Electronic forms are provided for adding new citations to the bibliography. It is intended as a growing supplement to the bibliographies compiled by Paul Canart and Dieter Harlfinger.

The News Service

You are reading it. Your comments and contributions are welcome!

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