A Last Look Back


In the final few minutes before the piper called them to their rendezvous with the Real World, we asked a few graduating seniors what they might take away from Bates in their lives as alumni and alumnae of the College.

"Some of the tools needed to analyze the rest of the world, enjoy the rest of the world, and have a new appreciation for the world."

-- Political Science major Andrew Shriver of Atlanta, Georgia

"A sadness that I'm leaving. I'm a very different person now than when I arrived. A better person -- definitely. I think about things in better ways; I'm intellectually clearer, which translates into being clearer in every other way."

-- Psychology major Rastko Kovacevic of Belgrade, Yugoslavia

"People always ask me, 'What have you gotten out of this?' It's hard to say without a lot of reflection. I'm a lot more self-confident than when I first came to Bates. That may actually be due in large part to things I've done off campus rather than on, such as the study-abroad program."

-- Interdisciplinary major (bioethics) Rebecca Pierce of Boxford, Massachusetts

"Definitely a sense of critical thinking. The people I've met here have changed the way that I view others. They've taught me how to come at things with no expectations and to understand that you need to have an open mind from the very beginning."

-- Psychology major Derek Meehan of Winchester, Massachusetts

"It's everything ... I honestly don't know how to answer that question right now. My brain is just running a mile a minute, but definitely I have an appreciation for the last four years and all the opportunities afforded me."

-- Biology major Matt Arsenault of Orland, Maine

"The friendships that have molded my entire life, and knowing that I can always ask Bates friends for help. I'm teaching at Durham Academy, where there are two Bates alumni. Even though I don't know them, they've already gotten in touch with me and offered to help with anything I need. I think that kind of support is only going to continue."

-- Chemistry major Sarah Fried of Dallas, Pennsylvania

"This is what I keep telling myself: I know that in fifteen years, I'll be able to call a Bates friend up and say, 'Hey, can I drop by and swap stories?' There's an amazing number of friends I'll be able to do this with."

-- Economics major Faham Rashid of Dhaka, Bangladesh

"A belief that everyone can be good at something -- a faith in people, which allows for true opportunity. I've been on the debate team for four years, but before I came to Bates, I had no debate experience. When I met the debate team president my first year, she said, 'Before I came to Bates, I never had any experience with debate either. And now I'm the president.' Bates allows people to try things and allows them to excel. It's what Bates did for me."

-- Rhetoric major Barbara Raths of Staten Island, New York

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