Download OrbitsXP: The installation program

The download for OrbitsXP is contained here in a single zip file. Create a temporary folder as the destination for this file, "unzip" it (Use WinZip or some such utility), and then run the "setup.exe" program.

The "zip" file contains:

  1. setup.exe This is a Windows standard "set-up" program that will do the installation.
  2. SETUP.LST The set-up program requires this file to tell it what to do.
  3. OrbitsXP.CAB This file contains OrbitsXP, its Help File and other necessary components. It's a pretty big file, since the Help File is full of images.

When OrbitsXP begins running, it displays a "splash screen" identifying itself; press the "continue" button and you'll be ready to go.

Try pressing the green "Full Screen" button on the blue "Bifurcation Diagram" page, and you'll get a bifurcation diagram for f_C(x)=x^2+C showing all points of periods four or less.

Press F1 to bring up OrbitsXP's rudimentary Help File.

Good Luck!

Note (1): As a way of keeping in contact with people who use this program, I am using a simple Serial Number scheme. There's no fee to obtain a Serial Number; just email me for one at - include your name email and school. I will send you a number and new copy of OrbitsXP.exe which "knows" that number. I'll be able to send you updates and fixes, etc, too.

Orbits looks for the Serial Number in a file called "SerialNumber.txt" which needs to be in the same folder as OrbitsXP.exe.

If Orbits can't find this file, it is fully functional except the ability to save files & pictures is removed, and it prints its name on the main screen.

Note (2): Even if you don't want to bother with a Serial Number, you may still want to upload the newest version of OrbitsXP.exe below once you've followed the above installation procedure; it has a lot of little enhancements, including the ability to scroll around even in gigantic images. When you download it, just put it in the same folder where you installed the original OrbitsXP. The new help file explains the scrolling.

Updated Files for Users with Serial Numbers and Newest OrbitsXP

You should have received a Serial Number from me via e-mail. Now you need to download the newest version of OrbitsXP's ".exe" file. Put this file in the same folder as the original "OrbitsXP.exe"; this will be "C:/Program Files/OrbitsXP" if you chose the default installation location. Since the new version has the same name, you may want to give the original a different name first (such as OldOrbits.exe), otherwise delete or overwrite the old one.

You need to put a file called "SerialNumber.txt" (no spaces) in that same folder, and this file should have just one line in it consisting of your serial number. You can easily create this file with "notepad". You should also download the most recent helpfile, and put it in the same directory. (The helpfile is pretty big!) If it works right, the "Splash Screen" will now show your name and school instead of a message about "unregistered copy. Make sure you put the "SerialNumber.txt" file in the right folder, spell its name right (no spaces), and put the right number in it!

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