Biology 341    Electron Microscopy

EM Log time: a minimum of 25 hours required

 Usual Weekly Schedule:

 Week #1: Orientation session; introduction to the Jeol SEM & TEM; photomicrography; Reading assignment for week 1: Chapters 1, 2, & 9 in Flegler.
 Week #2: Meet in room B10 for tutorial work on the SEM (including frame-store), bulk sample preparation, dark
room work. Reading Assignment for week two: Chapters 7, 5 and 3 in Flegler.
  Week #3: SESAME; demonstration of fixation, dehydration, critical point drying, mounting and coating of samples for SEM; help with assignments; individual checkout tests on the SEM.
 Week #4: Backscatter/atomic contrast detection, stereo microscopy, particulate and replica preparation techniques; practice techniques.
 Week #5: Cryofracture and vapor fixation prepartion techniques, imaging at low voltage; demonstration of standand TEM preparation of biological samples and preparation of samples by shadow-casting or replica technique for TEM. Reading assignment: Chapter 6 in Flegler.
 Week #6: TEM observations of samples prepared last week; general and individual discussions about independent projects; help with assignments. Reading assignment: Chapter 4 in Flegler.
 Week #7:  One page proposal for independent work due; help with assignments; Short essays due.
 Week #8: Independent project work begins in earnest; EDS demonstration, mapping, qualitative and quantitative x-ray determinations. Reading assignment: Chapter 8 in Flegler.
  Final Weeks: Project check-ins. Demo of a STEM (Prof Cote).
 Last Week: Poster presentation.

Students may work in a small group on the first set of assignments, but must get plenty of hands-on experience.

   Biology 341 laboratory Assignments

  1. Magnification
  2. Probe current                        Due after 4 weeks
  3. Aperature

  4. kV
  5. Working distance                     Due after 6 weeks
  6. Digitizer

  7. - 9. Three of the following:

     Backscatter/atomic contrast          Due after 8 weeks
     A stereo pair set
     Particulate sample
     Replicate or shadow-cast sample
     Critical point vs. air-dried set
     Cryofracture sample
     Vapor fixation sample
     Low voltage image

  10. "Best" high magnification           Due after 10 weeks

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