Short Term in Nature Photography    S29
         (Biology s29)

In order to be considered for enrollment, the following informa-tion must be submitted to Professor Thomas (left either at room 315 Carnegie or at the Carnegie Lobby--main desk) by the due date listed on the first set of pre-registration material distributed by the registrar (the final dues date is usually one week prior to Short Term registration; NOTE -- no applications can be accepted until the registrar distributes the announcement in material intended primarily for those planning off campus short terms - look for the notice under notes from the Biology Department):

 1) Name, box number, and class.

 2) Make and model number of camera to be used. Those accepted into the course will need to have access to a 35mm single lens reflex camera. Settings for exposure and lens aperature must be under manual control, or capable of conversion from automatic to manual settings. Check to confirm that this is so and indicate so on the information submitted. If your camera has only one lens, check to make sure that the lens is exchangable, and so indicate.

 3) The make and focal length of your primary (or only) lens. The focal length of lenses is printed in millimeters on the front rim. Standard fixed focal lengths are 50 or 55mm. Zoom lenses have variable ranges (some down into the wide angle range, e.g. 28mm, some up into the telephoto, e.g. 80-200mm or more).

 4) Camera accessories (if any) available for use. The following items are often useful but are not required: tripod, flash equipment, and additional lens or lenses.

 5) Photographic training or experience (if any) - none is specifically required for entry into the unit.

 6) Indication of whether the recommended background course has been taken.

 7) Indication of whether you were wait-listed for this unit the last time it was offered.

Submit this information in writing by the Due date. The sooner you submit the better as one of the criteria for entry into the unit is prompt submission of the requested information. You may also wish to talk with Professor Thomas directly about your interests, the unit content, the appropriateness of the camera you intend to use if accepted into the course, and/or the criteria for obtaining written permission to enter the unit. Bring your camera with you when you come in to talk. Students accepted into the unit will be notified by mail.

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