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Long views of shop

Looking from the north side of the center bay towards the south wall. Table saw is center, planer left, sliding compound miter right. Between the planer and miter is my current bench. Beyond that is my set up/plywood cutting table. The dust collector is the on the left, behind the table saw. Looking from the north side of the center bay towards the south wall. The miter saw is left, the workbench is center and the planer is right. The mortiser is between the miter saw and bench. Looking from behind the table saw towards the north wall. The jointer is center. Behind that is the shop smith, soon to be restored. To the right is the benchdog router table.

My shop is located in the east side of a post & beam barn built around 1860. I had an electrician wire it for 110 and 220 and have been slowly adding tools. The shop consists of 3 bays. The south and north bay are each 12 x 12. The center bay is 12 x 24. I use the south bay for storage and set up. I use the north bay for storage. I'm planning to use that for the lathe (shop smith) and sanding tools as they are acquired. Major shop projects remain: 1) permanent dust collection; 2) heating and 3) storage. I have been learning by making what I need, some some of the tables are pretty primitive. I take a woodowrking nightschool course at the local adult ed and am an acolyte at Norm's altar. I took these pictures to keep the insurance company happy. Things look messier than I usually keep the shop because I was loading the benches up with hand tools. You can see more below:


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