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The East Wall

My bandsaw with a Rockler table. A freind and I just finished making a window for the south bay (she objected to the snow coming through the previous effort) and he tilt was for a cut on the sill. The bandsaw is at the very north end of the south bay. The four pine cut offs next to the circuit box are the remains of boards that separated the stalls in the center bay from the south bay. I used those boards to make a chimney cupboard for the kitchen last summer. My sliding compound miter saw. The bench on which it sits is an early effort that is stable but not precise. The stop block & clamp system works but is cumbersome. The shop vac provides dust collection and is not sufficiently powerful for the job it's forced to do. Next summer I plan to put in a real dust collection system and won't have to spend anymore time cleaning out the chips and dust behind the support tables. I'm less than thriilled with the job I did on the support tables. I'm planning to upgrade to the Rockler set. The storage is also not effecient to use. Norm is right. Make drawers. The radial arm saw. I use ita dedicated dado center. It is very handy but a tad expensive. If I had purchased the miter saw first, I don't think I would have purchased the radial arm saw. But I didn't, so lucky me.


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