Center for Maine Contemporary Art. Dan Mills: Human Topographies, 2019

Jane Costlow, Kristina Durocher, Bethany Engstrom, Joseph Hall, Laurie Hogin. 12 page exhibition guide. Rockland, ME: Center for Maine Contemporary Art, 2019. 

In 2015, Dan Mills went looking for answers. “There is a lot of suffering due to conflicts in our world, but how much due to current wars and conflicts?” The answers he found fluctuate and expand constantly. In the resulting series, he attempts to make sense of issues and data that are not always easy to grasp. The visual systems he creates help bring perspective to information that may be easily read, but not necessarily quickly absorbed. The work urges you to slow down and consider what he is questioning and seeking to understand.

—Bethany Engstrom, "Went Looking for Answers"

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