NUVO. At Herron: Dan Mills Donna Ferrato, and Jana Harper, September 13, 2020

By Dan Grossman. View/downlad

World maps have always been an imperfect means of conveying information as they portray the planet’s curvature on a flat surface. Distortion is inevitable. Consequently, countries at the northernmost latitudes look like they are pumped up on steroids while those closer to the equator look deflated.

But for Mills, who often obtains his maps from discarded university library collections, such distorted representations are the perfect vehicles, as it were, to mount his artistic explorations. This is true for “Current Wars and Conflicts…”

“This one really started with just this feeling that there’s so much war and conflict in the world,” he said. “My next thought was well how much? I realized I didn’t even know. And if I don’t—and this is something that is on my mind and yet I have no idea—maybe I should know. So I started by researching that and figuring out how many there are and coming up with a definition."

—Dan Grossman


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