US Future States Atlas, by Dan Mills (2009)

When we look back less than a decade and consider the results of U.S. foreign policy decisions, predicated on and driven by long- and short-term global military-industrial ambitions, they have not been much less surprising or absurdly self-centred than the picture painted by artist Dan Mills' conceptual project US Future States Atlas.

—Viggo Mortensen, Perceval Press, 2009

Brilliant, scary, and intelligent, it would be side-splittingly funny if there wasn't such the ring of truth to it. It's as accurate a reflection of America's "me first" attitude towards the rest of the world as I've ever seen depicted in any media.

—Richard Marcus, "The Best Reads 2009", Dan Mills: US Future States Atlas,, 2009

56 page hardcover book with essay by Phong Bui and text by Dan Mills. Published in 2009 by Perceval Press, Santa Monica. Available at Perceval Press (Viggo Mortensen's press) at Perceval Press. View/download essay