Around the time of the Quincentennial of…insert euphemism here…The First Encounter, The Discovery of the New World, Columbus’s Discovery of America, I began incorporating collage into my work, and quickly found that this process of adding a new and potentially more specific vocabulary of found material into my work worked well with my interests. So at a time when I was thinking a great deal about the meaning of this anniversary, and so much of the discussion around it—which often omitted history in favor of political positions. I began to read a lot about this, and began to make work that was my way of investigating these ideas.

—Christina Ely. Views on Art “Interview with Dan Mills". August 22, 2012. 

ReView 1492

(Re) View (1492), 1992-93, collage on wood, 20 1/2 x 52 x 2 1/4 inches