This work is intended to be a musical score. Artists and musicians have been interpreting one another’s work for centuries. Twentieth century artists whose work comes to mind include Wassily Kandinsky, who explored the expressive relationship between visual form and musical notes in his groundbreaking 1913 book Klänge, and John Cage, who created a remarkable body of visual scores beginning in the 1950s. 

In this work, color, shapes and locations of marks were determined by the lyrics of the five songs on this piano roll.  Score is comprised of visual information interpreted into red, yellow, blue, green, violet, orange, black, and peach. I invite ensembles of musicians to interpret this into music/sound.


Score, 2015, marker on piano roll, 12 inches x 29 1/2 feet. Part of The Piano Roll Project, Bates Mill Complex, Lewiston, ME. July - October, 2015