Technical Resources

These are resources that I developed to help Bates students, faculty and other interested parties with computer related issues.  Please let me know if you'd like to suggest another topic that I should develop a tutorial about.

* How do I create a poster to print on a poster printer?

* How do I develop an online survey and analyze the results?

* How do you make such cool photo galleries?

* How do I do data analysis in SPSS?

External resources

Here are some sites that you might find very helpful, but that I didn't write. 

Develop your own website!  Did you know that Bates gives all students, faculty and staff their own webspace? Here's how to get it setup on your Paris account.  Learn HTML at (It's not as hard as you think!) You should especially check out their amazing interactive HTML examples.

Free Software

Transfer files from anywhere to anywhere.  Want to transfer files to and from Paris when you're off-campus?  You need an FTP program like SmartFTP, which is not only easy-to-use but it's completely FREE!

HTML Editor.  Grab Arachnophilia for creating and editing webpages.  It color codes the HTML tags for you and is much easier to learn and use than DreamWeaver.