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December photos

Snow, family visitors, and Christmas!

Photos from December, 2010

November photos

A trip to Delaware, Thanksgiving, and new sleeping arrangements!

Photos from November, 2010

October photos

Gardening, the beach, and Halloween!

Plus two bonus videos!

Waves at her feet

Running and retreating with Mommy

Photos and videos from October, 2010

September photos

Hiking, apple-picking, and sunflowers!

Photos from September, 2010

August photos

Visiting Delaware, new playground antics, and summer fun!

Photos from August, 2010

July photos

Mini horses, swimming, and birthday number two!

Photos from July, 2010

June photos

Acadia, Kentucky, and lots of visiting relatives!

Photos from June, 2010

May photos

Playgrounds, gardens and Aunt Katie!

Photos from May, 2010

April photos

A trip to New Hampshire, spring flowers, and spring snow!

Photos from April, 2010

March photos

Apples, family visits, and her first haircut!

Photos from March, 2010

February photos

Handwashing, LL Bean, and Katie and Katie!

Photos from February, 2010

January photos

More snow, more cats, and more toys!

Photos from January, 2010

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