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These are the Ellie galleries for 2009.  Click here to go to the most up-to-date photos!

December photos

Christmas, sledding, and the Portland Children's Museum

Photos from December, 2009

November photos

Thanksgiving, grandparental visits, and adventures with food

Photos from November, 2009

October photos

A trip to Delaware, hanging out with the cats, and fall fun!

Photos from October, 2009

September photos

A trip to California, a family wedding, and enjoying nice weather in Maine

Photos from September, 2009

August photos

Walking, new relatives, and lighthouses!

Photos from August, 2009

July photos

First birthday, a trip to Kentucky, and lots of animals!

Photos from July, 2009

June photos

Swimming, a trip to Delaware, and fun with pasta!

Photos from May and June, 2009

May photos

A KY Derby party, visit from Melanie & Paul, and fun at Cedar Point!

Photos from May, 2009

April photos

Easter, Grandma, and baby yoga

Photos from April, 2009

March photos

Crazy sleeping and eating arrangements, and a visit from Aunt Melanie

Photos from March, 2009

February Photos

In addition to gratuitous baby pictures, we have included several shots from our photogenic winter storm.

Plus two new videos:
Ellie loves jumping
Ellie discovers her feet

Photos from February, 2009

January Photos

And as an added bonus,
the funniest video we've taken so far:
Ellie reacts to Meredith's juggling

Photos from January, 2009

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