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Re: "newer" watermarks - C. Revolutionary War

Hi, Tom!  How have you been?

I just got back from a conference on medieval paper sponsored by the CNRS
(Centre Nationale de Recherche Scientifique) where I seem to have generated
a lot of interest in the Dylux method, which Europeans have begun to refer
to as the "easy" and "uncomplicated" way to do watermark prints!

I gave a presentation of the WWW database standard that Jim Hart and I have
been developing in response to the Roanoke Conference.  I hope they will
hold a follow-up conference to get all the interested people back together
again to evaluate and discuss the results of this project.

I am writing now to ask if you have heard from Rolf lately.  He never did
write up for me anything about the chemical content of Dylux paper, and
that is what conservators and curators want to know.  I am desperate for
that information.

All I want is enough in the line of hard facts to reassure them that Dylux
paper will not have any deleterious effect on paper artifacts.  They get
nervous when you talk to them about subjects like chemical coatings or
light sensitivity -- they naturally suspect it could interact with the
artifacts they are charged with preserving.  If you see him or are in touch
with him, can you put in a plea on my behalf?  I dont want anything too
complicated, but maybe he thinks of it as a large task. I promised an
article to the Gazette du Livre Medieval and to the Bodley Library's
newsletter two years ago, and this was the critical piece of information I
needed for both of them.


I am going to need some more of those special blue daylight bulbs that have
the built in reflectors.  Do you have more in stock?  Or is there anybody
making them now that I could order them from?

Many thanks!

/Bob Allison

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