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Re: Briquet Archive at Geneva

At  2:13 PM 5/12/97 -0400, Dan Mosser wrote:
>I am thinking about applying for a summer stipend to work with the Briquet
>Archive in Geneva (mentioned by Stevenson in the Introduction to the
>Jubilee Edition of _Les Filigranes_, p. *18) in 1998.  Has anyone on this
>list worked with that archive, know of an address, or have any other useful
>Thanks for your time.

Hi, Dan and all:

I have had one initial contact with the Briquet Archive by e-mail, which I
initiated asking for information.  The exchange of e-mail communications


Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 15:22:17 +0100 (MET)
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From: Andrea Castagna <andrea@linux.lettere.unige.it>
To: "Robert W. Allison" <rallison@bates.edu>
Subject: Re: Briquet Album
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Dear Robert,
thank you for the interest in our work.
First of all the web pages have been recently moved to a different URL:
due to a re-organization of our site.

Let me now explane something about or work:
we didn't make an edition of "Les filigranes. Dictionnaire historique des
marques du papier...", but we focused on a smaller catalogue: the 1888
edition of "Les papier des archives de Genes et leur filigranes"
published in "Atti della societa' ligure di storia patria - Genova" and
reprinted few years later by Briquuet itself in Geneve.

The project, started in January 1996 by an effort of 2 students, Andrea
Castagna and Gregorio Montanari, with the help of some others.
Now, after a gap of 4 months in which nobody found the time to finish
what we started, I am working on it as my thesis.

So what you will see (also with the right address is not so easy to visit
our web site as our network isn't too cooperative), it is still a work in
progress (all the historical introduction and only 50% of the watermarks are
included), and most of all an "experiment".


Andrea Castagna
Laboratorio di storia quantitativa
Universita' di Genova
tel. 39 10 209-9841

PS Do you speak italian?

Original message follows:

I tried without success to find the WWW edition of Briquet's Watermarks.
Please advise me how to find it, or if it has been removed from the WWW.
Thank you.

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