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Paston Letters <fwd>

Dear fellow watermarkers,

I am faced with a watermark I cannot identify
in any of the usual reference books. In vain I 
ordered on Inter-LIbary Loan:

_The Paston Letters_ 1787-1789

which purports to contain watermarks from English
MSS of the right period. The response from our 
library was: 

"The London Library have this edition, but say they cannot find any of 
it!  (lost in 1843 perhaps?)
It will not be possible to borrow it from anywhere else because no 
other library will now lend pre-1801 works.
they are still looking for it, and will let us know if they find it."

I wonder if any kind person has this book, and is willing to see
if the Shield sent to you all in an attachment on 16 July is in it?


Avril Henry
School of English & American Studies
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University of Exeter
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