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Toronto symposium on paper


A Symposium, May 13-16, 1999 *
Toronto, Canada



A 4 day conference/workshop program featuring recent art historical and
bibliographic research focussing on  the examination of paper.  Topics will
include the production, usage and significance of particular papers and the
methodology of paper analysis.  Proceedings will be published.

The first 3 days will consist of  lectures with a panel discussion period
at the end of each day.  The fourth day will offer a choice of workshops
focussing on the techniques and methodology employed when gathering  paper
evidence.  These instructional interactive sessions  will be for small
groups.  There will be 3 different workshops; each offered twice  - morning
or afternoon.  The focus of these workshops has not been finalized at this


This will be the first comprehensive symposium dealing with research which
features the examination of paper to provide new documentary evidence for
understanding important historic and contemporary works.  Presentations
will include specific case studies and broad ranging surveys of historic
and contemporary papers.  Research methodology and analytical techniques
may also be the focus of some presentations.  Western papers from the
middle ages to the present, and Oriental papers used in the West will be
the priciple focus of the program.

This is a burgeoning field of study of great interest to anyone working
closely with paper-based collections.  This symposium will highlight many
significant research findings  and will also define, in didactic workshops,
what tools and methodology can be used when studying and analyzing paper.

International in scope, speakers and participants will represent many
countries and  professional backgrounds from paper historians,
conservators, and papermakers, to academics, curators, and archivists.
Advertising and promotion, sponsorship, and editorial work is being done in
Canada, Britain, and the United States.

Interested speakers will submit abstracts for peer panel review.  Speakers
must be presenting unpublished work.

Featured speaker -  Peter Bower
Mr. Bower is an internationally respected paper historian and forensic
paper analyst.  He is the author of 2 books on  the artist J.M.W. Turner's
use of  paper .  The second of these will be published by the Tate Gallery
in London coinciding with an exhibition on the same theme scheduled just
prior to the dates for this conference.  Mr. Bower will be speaking and
conducting one of the workshops.

Program Goals

-  to contribute knowledge, skills, and awareness regarding the nature and
significance of paper supports

   with cultural/historic/artistic value
-  to promote the understanding of the importance of preserving the
character and integrity of  paper
-  to use conference promotion, publicity, publications, and associated
programming to raise public
   awareness of the importance of paper in our cultural history
-  to use all aspects of the program to promote a greater sensitivity and
higher regard for the research and
   preservation of paper-based collections internationally

Conference Committee

Program coordinators:  John Slavin, private paper conservator, Mississauga
, Ontario
                                    John O'Neill, senior paper conservator,
Art Gallery of Ontario
Treasurer:                    Janet Cowan, paper conservator, Royal Ontario
Registration and arrangements coordination:
                                  Margaret Haupt, paper conservator, Art
Gallery of Ontario
                                  Linda Sutherland, paper conservator,
McMichael Collection of Canadian Art


The 3 days of lectures will be held at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto,
The workshops will be held at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
Capacity will be 300 at the lecture theatre.

Conference Information

Looking at Paper
Box 956, Station F
Toronto, Ontario
M4Y 2N9

tel.  John Slavin,  905-566-9033
e-mail:  John_ONeill@ago.net
FAX:     John O'Neill,  416-204-2692

Suggested Registration fees

3 day lecture program registration fee:     $300.00
1/2 day workshops                                     $60.00 each
(max. 25 per session; subject to availability)

- fees are in Canadian dollars.

Projected  Budget and Revenue

Capacity attendance:    $36,000.00
50% of capacity will ensure breaking even on conference expenses excluding
the publication.

We are projecting  expenses of  $20,000 as of Oct. 1997 with an additional
$20,000 for the publication.  of the complete papers .    A  $400.00
honoraria will be paid to each presenter.  Additional payments will be made
to the featured speaker and workshop presenters.  Additional expenses of
speakers will be paid (i.e. travel, accommodation) if specific grants and
donations for this purpose are received.

Sponsorships and Grants

(to date)   The IPC in Britain and the CAC in Canada have sponsored the
conference .  Each organization has advanced the committee  $2,500
Canadian.  There are other organizations and foundations which will be
approached for funds to either: sponsor the conference, assist with the
expenses of  the publication, or contribute to the travel costs for
speakers from outside the country.  Private individuals and businesses will
be solicited at a later date.

Timetable - key dates:

1.)   Announcements for call for papers                      September 1  1997
2.)   Deadline for submission of abstracts                    January 15
3.)   Completion of programming                                March 1
4.)    Registration and promotion                                 April 1
5.)    Deadline for complete papers for publication       Sept.30
6.)    Conference dates                                                 May
13 - 15  1999
7.)     Workshop date                                                   May 16

(publication scheduling to be determined)

*  Prepared September, 1997 and subject to change


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