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Re: Watermark Descriptions (IPH 3.1.3-3.1.5)

At 10:29 AM 12/16/97 -0600, WOODWARD David wrote:
>The codes, I agree, are really cumbersome. It is so much easier
>just to look at a bank of images, which is why a graphic index, such as
>that which I included in the back of the Italian watermarks book, works so
>much better that searching a coded data base.

I guess that is a vote against codes in favor of using standardized
descriptive language.

>I think it would be good to
>keep a standard hierarchical order to the images, however, and the IPH
>begins to do that (although it needs a lot more additions).

Does the graphic index in the back of your book include all the cases that
you are aware of that need to be added to the IPH list?

/Bob Allison?

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