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The Watermark Initiative

© 1997 Robert W. Allison. All rights reserved.

Physical Content

IPH Field:
Data Category:
Data or Link:
[cf. IPH 3.0.3] Paper_ID: Athos, Philotheou, 003,1a
[- IPH] Org_or_Person: Person
[cf. IPH 3.3.3,7,8] Reproducer_ID: Maximos
[cf. IPH 3.3.3,7,8] Role: Scribe[selection(s) from check list of standardized options: auctioneer, author, binder, retailer, commissioner, composer, corrector, designer, distributor, engraver, illuminator, inventor, monk, painter, papermaker, printer, purchaser, restorer, scribe, shipper]
[- IPH] Content_Type: Text [from a standard list, e.g. text, ornament, text illustration, musical notation, chant notation, drawing, painting,...]
[- IPH] Use_Date_Month:
[- IPH] Use_Date_Year: 1527
[- IPH] Use_Date_Basis: Scribal Colophon
[- IPH] Use_Place: Gallipoli
[- IPH] Use_Region: Thrace
[- IPH] Place_Basis: Scribal Colophon

The Watermark Initiative was created by Robert W. Allison
Dept. of Philosophy & Religion, Bates College

and James Hart
Information Services, Bates College Lewiston, Maine, 04240