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Mould Catalogue

IPH Field:
Data Category:
Data or Link:
[IPH] Holder: Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale
[IPH] Collection: Moulds [This and other data on this page are imaginary for purposes of demonstration]
[IPH] Accession_number: 1-1 [official ident. no. for the mould]
[IPH 3.2.8] Reference_to_paired_mould: _____[hot link to similar page for paired mould]
[IPH 3.0.10] Sheet_Height: _____ [measure or calculation in mm]
[IPH 3.0.11] Sheet_Width: _____ [measure or calculation in mm]
[IPH 3.0.12] Standard: _____ [example: Foolscap Folio, London ca. 1850 203 x 330 (cf. Labarre, Dictionary, p. 259]
[IPH 3.2.1] Fabrication_type: hand-made [options: hand-made or machine-made]
[IPH 3.2.2] Paper_type: laid [options: Laid (vergé) or Wove (velin)]
[IPH 3.2.3] Laid_lines: _____ [no. of lines per 20 mm.]
[IPH 3.2.4] Chain_compartments: 15-20-22-20-22-23-20-14
[IPH 3.2.5] Shadow_lines: without [options = below, irregular, in the middle or without]
[IPH 3.2.6] Wire_characteristics: _____ [input full description]

Historical Resources Bibliography [IPH 3.0.5]:

Bibliography_Key: Bibliography_Page Bibliography_Reference_Nmbr:
briquet1985-1 __________ 1532

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