1970: 91st Congress, Second Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine).

Advertisement: Mass Transportation, Mobil Oil Co., New York Times, 38492.

Appointed to attend Canada-United States Interparliamentary Conference, 4318.

Appointed conferee, 27299, 31582, 32644, 34042, 40620, 40907, 41339, 41671.

Brief, Democratic National Committee: FCC fairness doctrine, 21382.

Broadcast transcript, NBC White Paper: Pollution, NBC-TV, 13685-13688.

Cloture petition, 33811.

Declaration in Support of Peace in the Middle East, by, 4856.

Editorial: Crisis of a Power Shortage, Edward P. Morgan, 30098.

Fact sheet: answering Nader Task Force Report on Air Pollution, by, 15608.

Guidelines: Use of Force in Civil Disorders, Department of the Army, 29450.

Newsletter: population issue should not replace environmental action, G. Fishbein, Environmental Health Letter, 10407.

Paper: National Association of Counties Environmental Quality, 17145.

Petition: stop the ABM system, 28275-28280.

Proclamation: Queen Isabella Day, State of Maine, 12752.

Transcript: Dickey-Lincoln Project (excerpts), House Committee on Public Works, 29770.

Tribute in Senate, 40907.


Amalgamated Clothing Workers Convention, J. S. Potofsky, 19118.

Challenge of the 1970's – A New Look at Foreign Assistance, International Development Conference, by, 5265.

Commencement: University of New Hampshire, W. Gardner, 36938.

Corporate Responsibility and the Environment, Advanced Management Institute, by, 20947.

Cost of War in Vietnam, Colby College, Maine, by, 15074.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Dinner, Washington, D.C., Senator Mansfield, 17373.

Division Between Men and Ideas, by, 37753.

Environment: Can Man Prosper and Survive? Chicago, Ill., by, 3527.

Environment: Growing Issue, Amalgamated Clothing Workers, Senator Symington, 4105.

Environmental Crisis and Future of Man, American Association for the Advancement of Science, by, 2390.

Environmental Message, Maryland General Assembly, Gov. Marvin Mandel, 5987.

Environmental Protection Policy, West Side Community Conference, New York City, by, 36145.

Environmental Renewal or Oblivion, J. Paul Austin, 12815-12818.

For Business, a Call to Commitment, G. A. Freeman, 807.

Harvard University Teach-In (excerpts), Cambridge, Mass., by, 15705.

Israel's 22d Anniversary, by, 15405.

Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, Lewiston, Maine, by, 38052.

Leadership in the Health Field, Joseph T. English, 43988.

Milk Producers Association, Chicago, Ill., by, 37271.

National Association of Secondary Material Industries, Inc., Senator Eagleton, 22227.

National Kidney Foundation, Washington, D.C., by, 39040.

New England Press Association, by, 32997

Our Environment: We Can Save It, Kansas City Press Club, Senator Eagleton, 6614.

Patriotism, by (sundry), 21926.

Power and Environmental Problem, at American Bar Association, 29612.

President Truman-25 Years After, by, 14307.

Problems of Electric Utilities, L. C. White Missouri Basin Systems Group, 9592.

Property Tax Reform, George Washington University, by, 41683.

Relatively Silent Student Majority, American Newspaper Publishers Association, K. Brewster, 13140.

State of Israel Bond Association, Kansas City, Mo., 41921.

Support of Appropriations for Community Mental Health Centers, by, 22233.

Theology of the Earth, Smithsonian Institution, R. Dubos, 942.

Time to Seek a Truce, William and Mary College, by, 18094.

To Seek a New Direction: Howard University in the 1970's, J. E. Cheek, 13140.

Total Environment, Western Michigan University, Senator Hart, 8838.

Truth in Politics, Jackson Day, Springfield, Mo., by, 10106.

University of Georgia, Senator Hollings, 35599.

University of Kansas, by, 17997.

University of Michigan Environmental Teach-In, by, 8677.

Vietnam Debate, National Press Club, by, 6147.

Amendments offered by, to

Air Quality Standards Act of 1970: amend bill (S. 4358) to enact, 33077, 33101.

Aircraft, missiles, naval vessels, and tracked combat vehicles: amend bill (H.R. 17123) to authorize appropriations for procurement of, 14825, 27234, 27268, 28229, 28740, 30453, 30690.

Airport and Airways Development Act of 1969: amend bill (H.R. 14465) to enact, 5069.

Appropriations: bill (H.R. 17399) making supplemental, 19449, 19594, 19930.

Appropriation: (second), 20810, 20818, 20819.

Customers of certain stock brokers: amend bill (S. 2348) to establish an insurance program to protect, 20339.

Department of Housing and Urban Development: amend bill (H.R. 17548) making appropriations for, 22389.

Department of Transportation and related agencies: amend bill (H.R. 17755) making appropriations for, 34708.

Departments of Labor, and Health, Education, and Welfare, and related agencies: amend bill (H.R. 18515) making appropriations, 38074, 38096, 38325, 38326.

Elementary and Secondary Education Amendments of 1969: amend bill (H.R. 514) to enact, 2756.

Export trade: amend bill (S. 4268) to facilitate greater expansion of, 36832.

Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1970: amend bill (S. 4418) to enact, 34742, 34743.

Federal Broker-Dealer Insurance Corporation: amend bill (S. 2348) to establish, 10987.

Foreign Military Sales Act: amend bill (H.R. 15628) to amend, 14823, 19453.

Hood County, Oreg.:amend bill (H.R. 914) for relief of, 24118.

Independent executive agencies: amend bill (H.R.17548) making appropriations for, 22389.

Independent offices and Department of Housing and Urban Development: amend bill (H.R. 17548) making appropriations for, 22976.

Low-income families: amend bill (H.R.16311) to authorize family assistance plan providing basic benefits to certain, 11221

Manpower development program: amend bill (S.2838) to establish comprehensive, 512, 17806.

Public works and Atomic Energy Commission: amend bill (H.R. 18127) making appropriations for, 29610.

Rivers and harbors: amend bill (S.4572) authorizing flood control and construction, 40616.

Social Security Amendments of 1970: amend bill (H.R. 17550) to enact, 22351, 42166, 42455.

Solid waste disposal facilities: amend bill (S.2005) to provide financial assistance for construction of, 16476.

Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970: amend bill (S. 1) to enact, 42137

Urban Mass Transportation Assistance Act of 1969: amend bill (S. 3154) to enact, 1981, 2147.


Analysis: Conference action on Water Quality Improvement Act of 1970 (H.R.4148) 8984.

Analysis: S. 3677, Environmental Quality Administration Act of 1970, 10401.

Analysis: S. 3687, National Water Quality Standards Act of 1970, 10484.

Articles and editorials

Academic Renewal, J. Mayer, Harvard Bulletin, 43976.

Air Pollution and Human Health, Lester B. Lave and Eugene P. Seskin, 30198

Amendment To End the Shell Game, Washington Post, 30678.

Checkbook for the Student, Washington Post, 17136.

Chicken Plant's Plea Denied by High Court, J. Hanrahan, Washington Post, 18059.

Events Proving Out Thesis of a Second Indochina War, Stanley Karnow, 10292

Everglades Park Birds Have Won, P. Wylie, New York Times, 2210.

Farley Foresees Victory, Walter Trohan, Chicago Tribune, 43515.

Farley Way in Politics, Edward H. Dickson, Sacramento (Calif.) Bee, 17139

First victims of Pollution, C. Remsberg, Good Housekeeping, 32397.

Full Employment Program, Gardiner C. Means, Washington Post, 40579

Generals' Wish for Flexibility in Pullout, Max Frankel, New York Times, 12796

Henry W. Edgerton Dies, Washington Post (sundry), 4980, 4981.

Hot Weather and Dickey, Lewiston Journal, 27417.

If Humphrey Had Not Been Defeated, H. DeCourcy, Argus Champion, 19944

Increasing Numbers of Physicians, George James, 43987.

Is Freedom Dying in America? H.S. Commager, Look, 25551.

Jackson State, Washington Post, 16123

Laos, Cambodia Fighting to Continue for 2 Years, Washington Post, 18294

Lesson of Laos, Washington Post, 12795

Looking for More Money, Time, 11437

Maine Needs More Summer Residents like Gardiner Means, M. A. Nault, Maine Telegram, 37549.

Mrs. Smith Warns of Repression, 18043

More Failures Portended as Wall Street Woes Rise, T. Robards, New York Times, 11437.

Navy Dumping Forms Oil Slick off Florida, Washington Post, 39806.

Navy Target Practice on Culebra (sundry), 24142-24149.

New England's Oil Shortage Woes, Concord Monitor, 30103.

New Oil Slick Threat, 39806.

Nine Suggestions From Lee C. White, Electrical World, 9594.

Out of Indochina in 18 Months, New York Times, by, 22946.

Pan Am, TWA Seeking Tests Before Buying Concorde Jets, R. J. Samuelson, 39770.

Plea for Civility, S. Rich, 18043.

Pollution Showdown: Cooper and Company Versus Detroit, L. Pardue, Louisville Courier-Journal and Times, 33120.

President and the Generals, James Reston, 12796.

Problems of White Ethnic Americans, C. McCarthy, Washington Post, 24126.

Real Land Reform Comes to Vietnam, Roy L. Prosterman, Baltimore Sun, 29724.

Representative Hechler Hits Unjustified Criticism of Dedicated Legislator, 16423.

Salute for Senator Smith, D. McCardle, 18043.

Security or Confrontation, Foreign Policy (publication), 40583.

Set a Date in Vietnam, Clark Clifford, Life magazine, 16049.

Shultz and Senator Muskie Seek Foreign Trade Answers, Milton Jaques, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9171.

Standing Up for Peace, Michael Kernan, Washington Post, 17143.

TV Rebuttal is Help to Public, San Francisco Examiner, 22910.

Three Oil Companies Fined in Violations at Offshore Wells, 39806.

Tribute to John F. Stevens, Representative Flood, Explorers Journal, 6611.

Tribute to Senator Muskie, Ellsworth American, 35114.

Tydings of No Joy, A. Campbell, New Republic, 23393.

U.S. Aides in Saigon Question Policy, T. Smith, New York Times, 18293.

U.S. Lack of Scholarly Competence on Vietnam is Called a Scandal, W.H. Jones, Chronicle of Higher Education, 10410.

Utilities Damned at Any Location, G. Smith, New York Times, 9591.

Vietnam, Tran Ngoc Chan Case (sundry), 10292-10295.

Vietnam Speech Putting Him in Lead for Presidential Nomination, Joseph Kraft, Washington Post, 7019.

View From Saigon, R. G. Kaiser, Washington Post, 18292.

Wall Street Tremors, 11438.

What is This Thing Called Urban Growth Policy? D. Canty, City, 31530.

When Brokers Go Broke, C. Margello, Newsweek, 11436.

Who Should Police the Polluters? E. W. Kenworthy, New York Times, 2389.

Women and Polluted America, by Ladies Home Journal, 4949.

Bills and resolutions introduced by

Agricultural Act of 1970: enact (see bill S. 4492), 37889.

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Act of 1970: enact (see bills S. 3723, 3035), 16474,21371.

Apollo 13 astronauts: prayer for safety (see S. Res. 388),11521,11552.

Armed Forces: create fair and equitable system for providing economic security to surviving dependents of career members (see bill S. 4015), 32837.

Business franchises: require full and fair disclosure of nature of interests in (see bill S. 3844), 25738.

Cancer research activities: authorize study of (see S. Res. 376), 9260, 9269.

Chemical warfare weapons: detoxification and destruction of (see S. Res. 313), 4266.

Clean Air Act: amend (see bill S. 4358). 32368.

Clean Air Act: extend (see bill S. 4319 ), 30568.

Clean Air Act and Solid Waste Disposal Act: temporary extensions (see. bill S. 4012), 20928.

Clean Lakes Act of 1970: enact (see bill S.3697),10815.

Clean Water Commitment Act of 1970: enact (see bill S. 3688), 10480.

Commission on Fuels and Energy: establish (see bill S. 4092), 24671.

Committee on the Environment (Joint): establish (see S.J. Res. 207), 18281.

Committee on Government Operations: authorize additional expenditures to study intergovernmental relationships between United States and the States and municipalities (see S. Res. 310), 393.

Committee on Treatment of Prisoners of War (Joint) : establish (see S. Con. Res. 80),30303.

Concentration of industry and population in metropolitan areas: urging adoption of national policy to discourage (see S. Res. 463), 38073.

Congress: joint session to hear five students on war in Indochina (see S. Con. Res. 71), 17360.

Consumer goods: establish national standards for warranties (see bill S. 3565), 7808.

Corporate Participation Act: enact (see bill S. 4003), 20928.

Culebra Island: Navy's use of, 32405.

Customers of certain stockbrokers: provide greater protection for (see bills S. 1988. 8989), 20332.

District of Columbia: reorganize courts of and revise certain laws of (see bills S. 4080, 4081), 24115.

Election days: designate as legal public. holidays (see bill S. 4236), 30951.

Elections: direct popular, 32356.

Environmental Quality Administration Act of 1970: enact (see bill S. 3677), 10398.

Family medicine: grants to medical schools and hospitals for establishing programs in field of (see bill S. 3418), 10065.

Family planning services and population research: expand and improve (see bill S.2108),23006.

Federal Drug Abuse and Drug Dependence Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Act of 1970: enact (see bill S. 3562), 9579.

Fish and wildlife and recreation development: authorize Federal assistance for (see bill S. 3598). 8823.

Health Security Act: enact (see bill S. 4297), 30174.

Housing construction: Insure adequate supplies of timber for (see bill S. 4515), 38070.

Housing for Elderly Act: enact (see bill S.4154), 30180.

Humane treatment for captured American servicemen: designate day for appeal for international Justice (see S. Con. Res. 62),13623.

Hurricane protection projects: amend cost-sharing formula (see bill S. 3774), 19926.

Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1970: enact (see bill S. 3545), 5953.

Indochina: declaring policy for peace in (see S. Res. 405),14823.

Intergovernmental Revenue Act of 1969: print additional copies of hearings on (see S. Res. 393), 12707.

Judges: payment of annuities to widows of (see bill S. 3705), 10981.

Judges' widows: amend certain act relating to payment of annuities to (see bill S. 3515), 4969.

King, Martin Luther, Jr.: issue gold medal to widow of, and certain other medals (see bill S. 3643), 9574.

Medical exposure to ionizing radiation: protect from unnecessary (see bill S. 3973),19919.

National Air Quality Standards Act of 1970: enact (see bill S. 3546), 5953.

National Catastrophic Illness Protection Act of 1970: enact (see bill S. 4031), 21642.

National Council on American Minority History and Culture: establish (see bill S.3566),6583.

National Environmental Laboratory Act of 1970: enact (see bill S. 3410), 2700.

National Water Quality Standards Act of 1970: enact (see bill S. 3687), 10479.

Office of Disaster Relief: create (see bill S. 3619), 8296.

Older persons: provide reduced fares on airlines (see bill S. 4246), 30180.

Older worker community service program: establish (see bill S. 3604), 7805.

Pereira, Hedy Theresa: for relief (see bill S.3926),18281.

Pesticides: set standards on all (see bill S.3784),13612.

Redevelopment areas: provide moratorium relative to designation of (see S.J. Res. 210),20087.

Right to speedy trial: give effect to sixth amendment (see bill S. 3936), 26283.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission: coverage under Social Security Act for employees of (see bill S. 3704),10981.

Santa Barbara Channel Preservation Act of 1970: enact (see bill S. 3516), 4969.

Solid Waste Disposal Act: extend (see bill S. 4319), 30568.

Soviet Union: Injustices suffered by Jewish citizens of (see S. Res. 501), 43925.

Urban Growth and New Community Development Act of 1970: enact (see bill S. 3640), 9263.

Vietnam: affect treatment of prisoners in (see S. Con. Res. 74), 24116.

Voting Rights Act Amendments of 1970: authorize representation of Senate by counsel in judicial proceedings Concerning constitutional validity of (See S. Res. 422), 23204.

World Environmental Institute: create (see S. Res. 399), 13097.


Letter: Antismog proposals, Ralph Nader, 22703

Letter: Clean Water Commitment Act of 1970, National League of Cities, U.S. Conference of Mayors (sundry), 10487.

Letter: Commuter alien problem, R. Clark, by W. Wirtz, 2963.

Letter: Environmental action (sundry), 37627.

Letter: Environmental impact of SST by, and Senator Proxmire, 39879.

Letter: Establishment of Securities Investor Protection Corporation (sundry), 40870.

Letter: ICC transportation decisions, B. M. Stafford, by, 40025.

Letter: Jets for Israel, Secretary William Rogers, by, 18044.

Letter: Navy dumps oil off Florida, Senators Cooper and Randolph (sundry), 39805.

Letter: Peace in Vietnam, exchange of correspondence between President Nixon and Ho Chi Minh (1969), 14869.

Letter: Reduction of automobile pollution emissions, E. N. Cole, 33106.

Letter: Support for U.S. policy in Middle East, President Nixon, by, 27824, 27832.


List: Air quality control regions, 5966.

List: Concern over Indochina, San Francisco lawyers, 14840.


Memorandum: Federal cost for grants for waste treatment plants, Senate Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution, 29767.

Memorandum: Jackson State College disturbances, A. 0. Chambliss, 19959.

Memorandum: Response to comments of Senator Hruska relative to S. 4358, 33102.

Remarks by, on

Agricultural Act of 1970: bill (H.R. 18546) to enact, 38127.

Air pollution: health costs, 30198.

Air Quality Standards Act of 1970: bill (S. 4358) to enact, 32900-32907, 32920, 32922, 32926-32928, 33077, 33079-33080, 33087-33091, 33093-33099, 33101-33105, 33120.

Aircraft, missiles, naval vessels, and tracked combat vehicles: bill (H.R. 17123) to authorize appropriations for procurement of, 26968, 28271-28276. 28658-28662, 28669-28671, 28744, 30452-30462, 30464, 30500, 30678, 30689, 30690-30701, 30703.

Aircraft, missiles, naval vessels, and tracked combat vehicles: Bill H.R.17123) to authorize appropriations for: (McCarthy amendment), 29450.

Airport and Airways Development Act of 1969: bill (H.R. 14465) to enact, 5071.

American Printing House for the Blind Act: legislation to amend, 2756.

Antiballistic missile system: deployment, 28271-28276.

Appropriations: bill (H.R. 17399) making supplemental (second), 20819.

Atlantic Ocean: Navy dumps oil in, 39805.

Baker, Howard H.: tribute, 2705.

Baltic States: Independence, 21412.

Cambodia: military aid to, 41782.

Cambodia: President's action, 18291.

Cambodia: U.S. involvement in, 18014, 18911.

Campaigns: equal-time requirements, 38533, 38534.

Carswell, G. Harrold: nomination, 10357.

Ceylon Independence Day, 2400.

Children: Senator Mondale's address on, 40519.

Civil rights: school integration, 3779, 3780.

Clean Air Amendments of 1970: bill (H.R. 17255) to enact, 42381-42383, 42386, 42387, 42391-42394.

Clean Water Commitment Act of 1970: introduction, 10486.

Coast Guard Reserve: strength, 28744.

Committee on the Environment: establish, 18286, 18287.

Committee on the Environment (Joint): resolution (S.J. Res. 207) to establish, 37918.

Committee on Public Works: Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution, 4978.

Commuter aliens: employment of, 5954, 5955.

Corporate Participation Act: proposed, 20928.

Customers of certain stockbrokers: prov1de greater protection for, 20334.

DD-963 class destroyers: procurement, 26968.

DD-963 destroyer program, 30452-30462, 30464, 30690-30701.

Department of Agriculture and related agencies: bill (H.R. 17923) making appropriations for, 23316.

Department of Transportation and related agencies: bill (HR. 17755) making appropriations, 39766-39768, 39770, 42700.

Departments of Labor, and Health, Education, and Welfare, and related agencies: bills (H.R. 13111, 15931, 18515) making appropriations, 368, 5233-5236, 38319.

Dickey-Lincoln project: appropriations, 29770, 29771.

Dickey-Lincoln School hydroelectric facility, 33557.

District of Columbia Court Reform and Criminal Procedure Act of 1970: bill (S. 2601) to enact, 25187-25190.

Drug abuse: legislation to combat, 38648.

Earth Day, 12814.

Economic conditions: broker failures, 11435, 11436.

Edgerton, Henry W.: eulogy, 4980.

Education: Integration, 3779, 3780.

Electric power: environmental conflict, 9591.

Electric power: shortage, 33557.

Elementary and Secondary Education Amendments of 1969: bill ~H.R. 514) to enact, 2756, 3779, 3780.

Employment and Training Opportunities Act of 1970: bill (S. 3867) to enact, President's veto, 42166.

Environment: crisis, 2705, 5987.

Environment: Ocean seabeds, 26289.

Environmental Policy Act: military compliance, 28658-28662, 28669-28671.

Environmental Quality Administration Act of 1970: Introduction, 10399.

Everglades National Park: plans for jetport abandoned, 2210.

Federal Broker-Dealer insurance Corporation: establish, 11435, 11436, 20339.

Federal Drug Abuse and Drug Dependence Prevention, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Act of 1970: bill (S. 3562) to enact, 38648.

Foreign Assistance Act of 1971 (Special) bill (H.R. 19911) to enact, 41782.

Foreign policy: Southeast Asia, 10291.

Foreign Military Sales Act: bill (H.R. 15628) to enact, 18014, 18911.

France: Indochina proposal, 10291.

Fulbright, J. W.: tribute, 17837.

Gore, Albert: tribute, 44795.

Green, James E.: killing, 19958.

Griffin, Robert P.: colloquy, 9573.

Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1970: Introduction, 5954, 5955.

Imports: bill (S. 3723) to provide orderly trade in textile articles and articles of leather footwear, 21356.

Independent offices and Department of Housing and Urban Development: bill (H.R. 17548) making appropriations for, 22828.

Indochina: French proposal to parley, 10291.

Indochina: Resolution (S. Res. 405) declaring a policy for peace, 14864-14871.

Inflation: administration "alerts", 30602.

Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1970: bill (S. 11) to enact, 43224, 43230, 43231.

Jackson State College: student killings at, 19958.

Joint Meeting of Congress: resolution (S. Con. Res. 71) to provide opportunity to hear students on war and peace, 17360.

Kent State University: demonstrators killed, 14179.

Lithuanian Independence, 5993.

Lodge, Henry Cabot: Paris negotiations, 9572, 9573.

McCarthy, Eugene J.: tribute, 42901.

Mansfield, Mike: tribute, 20144.

Mansfield, Mike: tribute as Majority Leader, 21454.

Means, Gardiner C., 37549.

Medicaid: mentally ill, 27421, 27422.

Mentally ill: medicaid for, 27421, 27422.

Military procurement: appropriations, 28271-28276, 28658-28662, 28669-28671, 28744.

Military procurement: DD-963 class destroyers, 26968.

MIRV: testing, 11031-11034.

Narcotic addiction: prevent, 38648.

National Air Quality Standards Act of 1970: introduction. 5966.

National Guard: use of live ammunition, 29450.

National League of Cities: pollution legislation, 10486.

National Water Quality Standards Act of 1970: Introduction, 10484, 10486.

Navy: oil sludge dumping by, 39805, 39806.

News media: cabinet editors, 1722.

Nixon, Richard M.: Cambodian claims, 18291.

Nixon, Richard M.: discretionary power of big business and big labor, 40578.

Nixon, Richard M.: Paris negotiation, 9572, 9573.

Nixon, Richard M.: proposed action on HEW appropriation bill, 368.

Nixon, Richard M.: veto of Employment and Training Opportunities Act, 42166.

Nixon, Richard M.: Vietnam policy, 12795.

Occupational Safety and Health Act 1970: bill (S. 2193) to enact, 37626.

Oceans: environmental control, 26289.

Older persons: medicaid cutbacks on mentally ill, 27421, 27422.

Polish Armed Forces Day in France, 19111

Political broadcasting: bill (S. 3637) relative to equal-time requirements, President's veto, 38533, 38534.

Pollution: legislation to combat water, 10484, 10486.

Pollution: legislation to control, 8975, 8983-8985, 10399.

Pollution: legislation to control air, 5966.

Pollution: Navy dumps oil off Florida, 39805

Population: crisis, 10407.

President: Congress should have equal TV time as, 17837.

President and Vice President: resolution (S.J. Res. 1) to provide direct popular election, 32356.

Prestile Stream, Easton, Maine: quality of water in, 12791.

Prisoners of war: attempt rescue of American, 38633, 38634.

Prisoners of war: treatment, 13630.

Prisoners of war: treatment by North Vietnam of American, 32993.

Public works: bill (H.R. 18127) making appropriations, 29766, 29770, 29771.

Reuther, Walter: eulogy, 14845.

Russia: resolution (S. Res. 211) favoring prompt arms negotiations with, 11031-11034.

Santa Barbara Channel Preservation Act of 1970: introduction, 4970.

Seabed convention: importance, 26289

Securities industry: failures in, 11435, 11436.

Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970, bills (S. 2348; H.R. 19333) to enact, 40867-40869, 40872-40877, 40890, 40891, 40901, 40903-40907, 43231-43237, 43242

Senate: privilege of the floor, 42700.

Senate officers: authority during adjournment, 43243.

Smith, Margaret Chase: tribute, 18042.

Solid waste programs: overlapping responsibilities, 10399.

Southeast Asia: situation report, 10291, 12795.

Stevens, John F.: tribute, 6611.

Stockbrokers: customer protection, 19974

Stockbrokers: protect investors from failures 11435, 11436.

SALT: negotiations, 11031-11034.

Student disorders: aftermath, 16123.

Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution activities, 4978.

Supersonic transport: funds, 39766-39770, 42700.

Tydings, Joseph D.: tribute, 43835.

Uniform Relocation Assistance and Property Acquisition Policies Act 1970: bill (S. 1) to enact, 42132, 42136-42139.

Utility Consumers' Council Act: summary of hearings on, 5013.

VA: funds, 22828.

Vietnam: American prisoners in North, 13630, 32993.

Vietnam: attempt rescue of American prisoners of war in North, 38633, 38634.

Vietnam: era of negotiations, 12795.

Vietnam: legislation relative to treatment of political prisoners in South, 24116.

Vietnam: Paris negotiation sessions, 9572, 9573.

Vietnam: sending of draftees to (Proxmire-Nelson-Hughes amendment), 30689

Vietnam: U.S. policy, 10291.

Vietnam: withdrawal of troops from (McGovern-Hatfield amendment), 30500, 30678

Voting age: lower to 18, 20144.

Water pollution: appropriations, 29766

Water Quality Improvement Act of 1970: bill (H.R. 4148) to enact, 8975, 8983-8985.

White House Conference on Children, 40519.

Yarborough, Ralph: tribute, 43165.

Young, Stephen M.. tribute, 44799.

Remarks in House

Air pollution legislation, 26854.

Environmental quality leadership, 15607

Remarks in Senate

Extension of time for report by Committee on Public Works, 32371.

Proposed Federal Broker-Dealer Insurance Corporation, 13544.

Tribute, 16482.

Vietnam policy, 22946.

Vietnam proposal, 6879, 11784.


Report: Alien Commuter Problems, joint Labor-Justice group, 5963.

Report: America in the 1970's, Democratic Policy Council, 3055-3059.

Report: Citizen Suits, Clean Air Act, 32925.

Report: Clean Air Amendments of 1970, conference report, 42384.

Report: Clean Water in 1970's, National League of Cities, 10488.

Report: Committee on Banking and Currency, 32834.

Report: Committee on Government Operations, 393.

Report: Committee on Public Works, 20928, 25517, 30568, 32368, 32371.

Report: "Commuter" Problem and Unemployment in American Cities on Mexican Border, Department of Labor, 5956.

Report: Federal Procurement Relative to Pollution Control, Committee on Public Works, 33101.

Report: Summary of Hearings on S. 607, Utility consumers' Council Act, Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations, 5013.

Report: Vehicle compliance Testing, Committee on Public Works, 33094.

Report: Water Pollution Controls for Next Six Years, National League of Cities and U.S. Conference of Mayors, 23330-23337.


Administration Challenged to Support Senate-passed Air Pollution Bill, by, 36032.

Answering Nader Task Force Report on Air Pollution, by, 15608.

Cambodian Developments, by, 13690.

Committee on National Priorities of Democratic Policy Committee, by, 6367.

Creating Environmental Protection Agency, by, 29296.

DD-963 Destroyer Program, W. J. McNeil, 30453.

Development of Supersonic Transport, Committee on Appropriations, by, 30510.

East-West Trade, Senator Mondale, 19991.

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Votes of. See YEA-AND-NAY VOTES.