1969: 91st Congress, First Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine).


ABM, Brown University, by, 10357.

All-University Convocation, Oxford, Ohio, by, 4946.

American Goals, Jefferson, Indiana, by, 21749.

American Library Association, H. H. Humphrey, 19396.

Citizen Action for Clean Air, University of Massachusetts, H. Henderson, 19403.

Congressional Employee Support, Congressional Secretaries Dinner, by, 9773.

Democratic Vistas, Women's National Democratic Club, H. McPherson, 34526.

Federal Editors Association, by, 13922.

Importance of Arms Limitation Negotiations, by, 31826.

Issuance of Dartmouth College Case Commemorative Stamps, Senator McIntyre, 27883.

Lake Superior Conference, Senator Nelson, 15092.

Maine's Rehabilitation Needs, Bennett D. Katz, 3801.

Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, by, 11501.

Military Draft, Miami University, by, 4683.

National Conference on Citizenship, by, 30560.

Navy League, U Thant, 34541.

Opportunity in education, College Admissions Counselors Association, by, 34480

Party Honoring Government and Mrs. Hearnes, by, 23004.

Physically Handicapped, Governor Curtis, 3800.

Presentation of AAHA Award to Senator Moss, W. T. Eggers, 39113.

Role of Congress in Defense Spending, Senator Eagleton, 16084.

Role of States in Urban Crisis -American Society for Public Administration, J. J. Gunther, 15114.

Spirit of Moderation, Anti-Defamation League, by, 12440.

States and the Urban Crisis, American society for Public Administration, P. H. Hoff, 15114.

Valedictory, Foxcroft School, L. Thomen, 23522.

Vietnam Moratorium, Bates College, by, 30343.

Wanted: A unified Strategy for Environmental Protection, E. A. Locke, American Forest Institute, 34547.

Water Pollution, Soap and Detergent Association, D. S. Black, 7256.

Analysis: Marine Resources Preservation Act of 1969, 15568.

Analysis: Orderly Marketing Act of 1969, 5691.

Analysis: S. 1090, Regional Development Act of 1969, 3894.

Analysis: S. 2005, Resource Recovery Act of 1969, 10608.

Analysis: S. 2391 Environmental Quality Improvement Act, 15545.

Analysis: S. 2479 Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1969, 16974.

Analysis: S. 2483, Intergovernmental Revenue Act, 17196.

Analysis: S. 2752, Intergovernmental Coordination of Power Development and Environmental Protection Act, 21605.

Analysis: S. 3228, Balanced Urbanization Policy and Planning Act, 38208.

Analysis: S. 3229, Air Quality Improvement Act, 38213.

Appointed to Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 3195.

Appointed conferee, 19876, 29100, 29898, 32870, 33886, 39205.

Article: After Vietnam-What Happens When Peace Breaks Out, 15214.

Air We Breathe, Water We Drink, Carpenter, by, 11308.

Bilingual Culture, G. Wilcox, Maine Teacher, 19401.

Billion Dollars To Clean Up Water, R. Hornig, Washington Star, 18425.

Billion Dollars for Clean Water Urged, Washington Post, 18425.

By Land, Sea, and Sea, New York Times, 11708.

Can Anyone Run a City? G. Tyler, Saturday Review, 34534.

Can a Poor Man Get To Be President? Stewart Alsop, Newsweek magazine, 5995.

Channel to Hanoi, Joseph Kraft, Washington Post, 33594.

Coalition Promotes Clean Water, R. Cahn, Christian Science Monitor, 18425.

Economics of Aging, Senator H. A. Williams, AFL-CIO Federationist, 28921.

Electoral Challenge, New York Times, 686.

Electoral Vote Challenge, Washington Post, 160.

Electrical Failures: White Warms of Rationing, R. J. Samuelson, Washington Post,21885.

Foreign Trade Zones Spark Lively Controversy S. M. Aug, Washington Star, 7255.

Freedom of Speech and Assembly, Washington Post, 34532.

Health, Field's Money Famine, Medical World News, 22933.

Keeping Promises, Washington Star, 29100.

Land Reform in Vietnam, R. L. Prosterman, Southeast Asia, 38465.

Leader of the Opposition: An American Lacuna, D. Fromkin, Interplay, 5231.

Libby is Appointed President, B. Caldwell, Maine Alumnus, 21137.

Little-Noticed Speech Wisely Urges Draft Retention, Joseph Alsop, Washington Post, 4682.

Machiasport Deal and Taxpayers Shake Up an Industry, National Observer 12060.

Mankind's Fouled Nest: Oil on the Waters, E. Cowan, Nation, 5722.

Much Admired Man, Roscoe Drummond, Christian Science Monitor, 386.

Must We Choose Brownouts or Pollution? Washington Post, 21885.

New Theater of the Absurd, New York Times, 11760.

Nineteen Clinical Units Facing Shutdown, H. M. Schmeck, 25012.

Oil-Pollution Dilemma, Washington Post, 15113.

$1 Billion for Clean Water, Washington Post, 29100.

Payment of Torrey Canyon's Oil Damage, Washington Post, 33855.

Percival Baxter Dies (sundry), 18439-18441.

Pollution and Power in small mill Town, Shelby Coffey III, Potomac Magazine, 2756.

Probe of Oil Price Behavior Promises To Be Illuminating, L. Stern, Washington Post, 6185.

Reports Tie Air Pollution to Deaths, S. Auerbach, Washington Post, 33839

Save the Cigarette Bill, Washington Post, 39105.

Senate Hearings Environmental Control, Gershon Fishbein's Health Letter, 38223.

Senators Feud Over Environmental Bills, Spencer Rich, Washington Post, 27547.

Senator's Speech on Isolationism, Associated Press, 14978.

Small Thoughts, S. Alsop, Newsweek, 23009.

Spirit of Moderation, Philadelphia Bulletin, 12441.

State Elector To Back Wallace, Raleigh (N.C.) News-Observer, 10

State Electors Give Nixon 12, Wallace One, R. Clay, Raleigh (N.C.) Observer, 10

To Close the Opportunity Gap, Senator H. A. Williams, Junior College Journal, 27904.

U.S. Election Procedures, Machinist, by, 4418.

Why Stop ABM Deployment? New Republic, by, 16384.

Will Success Spoil the National Parks? R. Cahn, Christian Science Monitor (series), 13937-13958.

Your Local Library, E. Y. Blewett, Portland Telegram, 12053.

Award: Anti-Defamation League Human Rights, B'nai Brith, to, 12440.

Cloture petition, 1802.

Colloquy between Walter J. Hickel and, 1524-1526.

Creed for those who believe in the handicapped, Leonard W. Mayo, 3800.

Degree awarded: honorarium, 24498.

Elected to committee, 591.

Letter: activities of Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations, by, 3503-3505.

Letter: amortization for air and water pollution control facilities investment, Senator Long, by, 37886.

Letter: draft of proposed bill to amend Federal Water Pollution Control Act, M. N. Edwards, 1409.

Letter: funds for provision of Clean Air Act, by, 35806.

Letter: funds for urban renewal program (sundry), 33644.

Letter: inadequacy of Federal disaster relief in wake of Hurricane Camille, exchange of correspondence between Senator Randolph and, 35468, 35469.

Letter: liability provisions of S. 7, A.I. Mendelsohn, 29049.

Letter: oil import controls, M. R. Laird, five Senators, 34519.

Letter: oil import quota system, G.P. Shulty, by, 38668.

Letter: opposition to proposed closing of certain Job Corps camps (sundry), 12121-12131.

Letter: program of air quality enhancement, Senator Magnuson, by seven Senators, 39319.

Letter: reply to opposition of Sierra Club to proposed refinery at Machiasport, Maine, Kenneth M. Curtis, 33600

Letter: require AEC to review nuclear power plant licenses, Representative Holifield, 5955.

Letter: smoking and health programs, R. Finch, 39105.

Letter: thanking SBA for loan to Start a motel, Victor and Mary Nielsen, 13035

Letter: Walter J. Hickel's nomination, by 12 New England Senators, 1524.

List: citizens crusade for clean water, 18424, 18425.

Memorandum: national security and oil imports, five members of Committee on Armed Services, to Secretary of Defense, 34519.

Memorandum: submission to Cabinet task force on oil import control, 27083.

Memorandum: support of an objection to counting the vote of a North Carolina elector, 11.

Motion for cloture: consideration of S. Res. 11 to amend Senate rule XXII (cloture), 592.

Objection: electoral vote, 146.

Petition: end to Vietnam war, Lewiston-Auburn Citizens for Peace, 30362.

Program: Vietnam Moratorium Day, Bates College, 30361.

Remarks in House: Ho Chi Minh's letter to President Nixon, 36506.

Remarks in House: speech on isolationism, 14977.

Remarks in House: water pollution, 759.

Remarks in Senate: draft reform, 4946.

Remarks in Senate: water pollution, 7101.

Report: Briefing Paper on Land Reform in Vietnam, R. L. Prosterman, 38684.

Report: Electric Power Interruptions, Federal Power Commission (sundry), 21597-21603.

Report: In the Wake of Hurricane Camille: An Analysis of the Federal Response. American Friends Service Committee and Southern Regional Council, 35469.

Report: Library Services and Construction Act, American Library Association, 15130.

Report: Maine Library Services and Construction Act, American Library Association, 15130.

Report: Physical Requirements of Sites for Powerplants, 2674.

Report: Proposed Appropriations of $45 Million for Section 104, NAPCA, 39320.

Report: Resolution To Establish a Committee on Technology and the Human Environment, 2153.

Report: Special Panel on Future of Union Oil Lease, J. C. Calhoun, 15114.

Report: Vignette for NCOA Biennial Conferences, A. Dyer, 11754.

Resolution: free trade zone for Machiasport, Maine, Past Pomonas Association, 2670.

Resolution: importance of Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth Chapter of the Navy League, 1481.

Resolution: Supreme Court prayer decision, South Parish Congregational Fellowship. 8645.

Resolution: Vietnam policy, Bates College, 30361.

Statement: Alternative to Safeguard System, Senator McIntyre, 15122.

Death of Hughes Spalding, Senator Talmadge, 8650.

1972 United Nations Conference on Human Environment, Senator Yarborough, 33564.

Oil Import Policy and Proposed Foreign Trade Zone at Machiasport, Maine, New England Senators, 9164.

Oil Letter to Secretary Laird, 34521.

Oil Spill Study, Arthur D. Little, Inc. (sundry), 33590.

Presidential Prayer Breakfast, by, 4487.

Problem of Extraterritoriality in Foreign Trade, Secretary Ball, 31007.

Problem of Foreign Imports, by, 17771.

Protest Against South African Government Denying Visas to Members of U.S. House of Representatives, by 28 Members of Congress, 23379.

Question of Convening U.N. Conference on Human Environment, S. Astron, 8611.

Response to Natural Resources Council of Maine Concerning the Machiasport Project, K. M. Curtis, 13031.

Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution, J. F. Collins, 10610.

Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution, A. C. Daley, 10610.

Support for Efforts To Establish Peace in Middle East, by, 10339.

Thermal Pollution, Frank Coffin (sundry), 3643.

Thermal Power plant Sitting, New England River Basins Commission, 12051.

Tribute to Earl Warren, by, 17987.

U.S. Joins in Proposing 1972 U.N. Conference on Human Environment, J. R. Wiggins, 8609.

Washington Peace Demonstration, by, 34282.

Table: difference in funds for Health Manpower Act, 22930.

Table: electric power interruptions (sundry), 21595-21598, 21600-21603.

Table: Federal awards for dental student loans and scholarships, 22931, 22932.

Table: gap between funds authorized and funds made for domestic purposes, 21897.

Table: new programs or major expansions of existing Federal civilian programs, 21897.

Table: 1970 budget of Office of Education, 15131-15133.

Telegram: funds for water pollution control (sundry), 33914-33918.

Telegram: Job Corps closures, to President Nixon, by 26 Members, 10466.

Text of amendment, Environmental Quality Improvement Act of 1969, 29050.

Text of amendment (No. 422), Vietnamese land reform, 38464.

Text of objection to electoral vote of Lloyd W. Bailey, by Representative O'Hara and, 210.

Text of S.1 the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Land Acquisition Act of 1969, 772.

Text of S. 7 the Water Quality Improvement Act of 1969, 788.

Text of S. 11 the Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1969, 796.

Text of S. 544, Water Quality Improvement Act of 1969, 1404.

Text of S. 1075, National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, 29051, 29060.

Text of S. 1090, Regional Development Act of 1969, 3894.

Text of S. 1457, Federal Fine Arts and Architecture Act of 1969, 5689.

Text of S. 1462, Orderly Marketing Act of 1969, 5691.

Text of S. 2005, Resource Recovery Act of 1969, 10608, 12104.

Text of S. 2103 to deny foreign wells to use oil depletion allowance, 11814.

Text of S. 2348, Federal Broker-Dealer Insurance Corporation Act, 15166.

Text of S. 2391, Environmental Quality Improvement Act of 1969, 15545.

Text of S. 2393, Marine Resources Preservation Act of 1969, 15567.

Text of S. 2479, Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1969, 16971.

Text of S. 2483, Intergovernmental Revenue Act. 17193.

Text of S. 2752, Intergovernmental Coordination of Power Development and Environmental Protection Act, 22921.

Text of S. 3135, extend Federal aid to State established Indian reservations, 33836.

Text of S, 3228, Balanced Urbanization Policy and Planning Act, 38199.

Text of S. 3229, Air Quality Improvement Act, 38211.

Text of S.J. Res. 89, Support international ,biological program, 8605.

Text of title VI, consolidation of grant-in-aid programs, 11064.

Text of U.N. resolution on human environment, 8608.

Tribute in House, 5995.

Tribute in Senate, 26187, 31267.

Amendments offered by, to

Aircraft, missiles, naval vessels, tracked combat vehicles, and research: amend bill (S. 2546) to authorize appropriations for procurement of, 20464.

Appropriations: amend bill (H.R. 11400) making second supplemental, 16070, 16457.

Departments of Labor, Health, Education, and Welfare, and related agencies: amend bill (H.R. 13111) making appropriations, 39293, 39316, 39321.

Economic development: amend bill (H.R. 14580) to assist peoples of the world to achieve, 38401.

Excise tax: amend bill (H.R. 12290) to continue on automobiles and communications services, 20069.

Foreign Assistance Act of 1969: amend bill (S. 2347) to enact, 28601.

Foreign Assistance Act of 1969: bill (H.R. 14580) to enact, 38464, 38684.

Historical and archaeological data: amend bill (S.2893) to preserve, 39627.

Housing and Urban Development Amendments of 1969: amend bill (S. 2864) to enact, 26709, 20710.

Income tax: amend bill (H.R. 12290) to extend surcharge, 20069.

Income tax laws: amend bill (H.R. 13270) to reform, 36315.

Independent Offices and Department of Housing and Urban Development: amend bill (H.R. 12307) making appropriations for, 33512, 33585, 33637, 33700.

Members of Congress and officials of executive branch: amend bill (S. 1993) to require financial statements from, 13909, 14026.

Military procurement: amend bill (S. 2546) to authorize appropriations for ASW year 1970, 9271.

Solid waste disposal facilities: amend bill (S. 2005) to provide financial assistance for construction of, 24784.

Water Quality Improvement Act of 1969: amend bill (S. 7) to enact. 28984, 28987, 29050.

Bills and resolutions introduced by

Agricultural commodities: orderly marketing by producers (see bill S. 812), 2340.

Agriculture Industry: extend National Labor Relations Act to (see bill S. 8), 768.

Air Quality Improvement Act: enact (see bill S. 3229), 38198.

Air traffic controllers: establish certain requirements for (see bill S. 1026), 4328.

Alcoholism, more effective prevention and treatment of (see bill S. 1997), 10598.

Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965: extend (see bill S. 1072), 3611.

Armed Forces: exempt certain members from service in combat zone (see bill S. 1635), 7180.

Armed Forces permanently stationed in Europe: substantial reduction (see S. Res. 292),40754.

Arms control, MIRV, and national security: sense of Senate relative to (see S. Res. 211), 16069, 16148.

Artificial Organs, Transplantation, and Technological Development Act of 1969: proposed (see bill S. 88), 5839.

Balanced Urbanization Policy and Planning Act: enact (see bill S. 3228), 38198.

Bank interest rates: regulate maximum (see bill S. 2499), 19508.

Barbara Ann (vessel) : documentation (see bill S. 2282), 13996.

Blind persons: strengthen and improve program of operating vending facilities (see bill S. 2461). 24284.

California Marine Sanctuary Act of 1969: enact (see bill S. 3093), 32142.

Cap'n Frank (vessel): documentation (see bill S. 753), 2137.

Carl Hayden Project: rename Central Arizona Project (see S.J. Res. 28). 1649.

Chan, Shut Choy: for relief (see bill S. 2589), 19022.

Chan, Yu: for relief (see bill S. 2587), 19022.

Civil Rights Commission: authorize appropriations for (see bill S. 2455), 16526.

Clean Air Act: extend authorization for research relating to fuels and vehicles under provisions of (see bill S. 2276), 18241.

Commission on Afro-American History and Culture: establish (see bill S. 14), 1327.

Committee on Government Operations: authorizing investigations (see S. Res. 27),1249.

Committee To Investigate Crime (Joint): create (see S.J. Res. 5), 771.

Committee on Mexican-American Affairs: establish (see bill S. 740), 2603.

Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs (Select) : authorize funding of (see S. Res. 68), 1964 Committee on Technology and the Human Environment (Select) : establish ( see S. Res. 78), 2151.

Community colleges: assist States in development and construction of comprehensive (see bill S. 1033), 3423.

Conflict of interest: eliminate in Government procurement (see bill S. 2691), 20702.

Congress: separate session each year for consideration of appropriation bills (see bill S. 3113), 41049.

Congressional candidates : provide certain opportunities to purchase broadcast time from television stations (see bill S.2876), 25004.

Construction contracts: exempt certain from bonding requirements (see bill S. 2611),24779.

Courts of the United States: Improvements in administration of (see bill S. 1506), 6216.

Cowseagan Narrows: construct high-level bridge over (see bill S. 758), 2137.

Davis, Yvonne: for relief (see bill S. 757), 2137.

Del Toro, Teresina: for relief (see bill S. 1777), 8598.

Department of Agriculture: require separate accounting of funds requested for certain programs (see bill S. 811), 2340.

Department of Consumer Affairs: establish (see bill S. 860), 7661.

Disasters: additional assistance for areas suffering (see bill S. 1685), 7641.

District of Columbia: grant representation in Congress (see S.J. Res. 56), 4298.

Dow Air Force Base, Maine: adjust legislative jurisdiction over certain lands within (see bill S. 2949), 26684.

East-West Trade Relations Act of 1969: enact (see bill S. 2283), 13996.

Economic Opportunity Act of 1964: continue programs authorized under (see bill S. 2367), 15524.

Education: supplement joint resolution making continuing appropriations for fiscal year 1970 (see bill S.J. Res. 163), 32813.

Eisenhower, Dwight David: print eulogies on (see S. Con. Res. 16), 8607.

Emergency Detention Act of 1950: repeal (see bill S. 1872), 11082.

Environmental Quality Improvement Act of 1969: enact (see bill S. 2391), 15525.

Equal Employment Opportunities Enforcement Act: enact (see bill S. 2453), 16526.

Equal rights for men and women: amend Constitution relative to (see S.J. Res. 61), 4831.

Equitable land acquisition policies: establish (see bill S. 1), 768.

Eugenie II (vessel) : documentation (see bill S. 754), 2137.

Excess War Profits Tax Act of 1969: enact (see bill S. 2277), 13996.

Export Control Act of 1949: temporary extension of authority conferred by (see S.J. Res. 122), 15526.

Exports: continue authority for expansion and regulations of (see bills S. 1940, 2696), 9831, 20702.

Ezeszotarski, Waclaw Janusz: for relief (see bill S. 3040), 30331.

Federal assistance programs: authorize consolidation (see bill S. 2035), 11060.

Federal Broker-Dealer Insurance Corporation: establish (see bill S. 2348), 15155.

Federal employees: protect constitutional rights and prevent invasions of privacy (see bill S. 782), 2339.

Federal Fine Arts and Architecture Act of 1969: enact (see bill S. 1457), 5684.

Federal Low-Emission Vehicle Procurement Act: enact (see bill S. 3072), 31472.

Federal Water Pollution Control Act: amend (see bill S. 544), 1382.

Federally impacted areas: school aid to (see S. J. Res. 148), 25004.

Fifth International Conference on Water Pollution Research (see S.J. Res. 162), 30651.

Fiscal year: establish calendar year as (see bill S. 3113, 41049.

Fish resources of United States: protection (see bill S. 1151), 4297.

Fish and wildlife: prevent imports of endangered species (see bill S. 335), 6415.

Food Stamp Reform Act of 1969: enact (see bill S. 2014), 10599.

Freight rates: establish advisory commission to study and report on (see bill S.2355), 16367.

Full Opportunity Act of 1969: enact (see bill S. 5), 768.

Fung, Yuen: for relief (see bill S. 2588), 19022.

Geneva Protocol of 1925: resubmit to Senate for ratification (see S. Res. 228), 21374.

Head Start child development program: provide for expanded (see S. 2060), 11387

Historical and archeological data: preserve (see bill S. 2893), 25241.

Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968: amend section 3 (see bill S. 2610), 24779.

Immigration Act Amendments of 1969: enact (see bill S. 1694), 7641.

Immigration and Nationality Act: revise (see bill S. 3802), 36964.

Imported articles: orderly marketing o~ (see bill S, 1462), 5684

Income tax: allow partial credit for State and local payments (see bill S. 2483), 17192.

Income tax: amortization of cost of air and water pollution abatement equipment (see bill S. 1795), 8775.

Income tax: limit deduction attributable to farming (see bill S. 500), 1382.

Income tax: same exemption for servicemen in and around Korea as for those in Vietnam (see bill S. 2689), 20701.

Indian tribes: make benefits available to certain (see bill S. 3135), 33835.

Indians of all tribes: extend special additional Federal matching funds to (see bill S. 2265), 13995.

Institute on Retirement Income: establish (see bill S. 869), 2548.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1969: enact (see bill S. 2479), 16966.

Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1969: enact (see bill S. 11), 768.

Intergovernmental Power Coordination and Environmental Protection Act: enact (see bill S. 2752) , 21587.

Intergovernmental relations between United States and the States: authorize funds for study of (see S. Res. 264), 26688

International biological program: support of Congress for (see S . J. Res. 89), 8598

International conflict: promote peaceful resolution (see bill S. 953), 3111.

Israel: authorize participation in development of desalting plant in (see bill S. 2847), 25245.

Job Corps: opposition to shutdown of installations (see S. Res. 183), 10477

Job Corps camps: defer shut down (see S. Res. 194), 11267.

Juries: improve judicial machinery for selection of (see bill S. 2454), 16526.

Kasmala, Jerzy: for relief (see bill S. 3250), 39629.

Lindner, Teresa: for relief (see bill S. 756), 2137.

Lindner, Teresa: adjudicate claim (see S. Res. 77), 2151.

Maine: conveyance of certain land to (see bill S. 752), 2187.

Marine Resources Preservation Act of 1969: enact (see bill S. 2393), 15525.

Martin Luther King Day: designate (see S.J. Res. 14), 8229.

Members of Congress and officials of executive branch: require financial statements from (see bill S. 1993), 13909, 18242.

Military courts-martial: improve judicial machinery of (see bill S. 3117), 33010.

Mok, Gun Wa: for relief (see bill S. 2586), 19022.

Moore, Dorothy G.: for relief (see bill S. 1113), 4297.

Motion picture films: free importation of certain (see bill S. 755), 2137.

Narcotic addiction and drug abuse: comprehensive control of (see bill S. 2608), 20968.

National Adult-Youth Communications Week: proclaim (see S.J. Res. 134), 19022.

National Commission on Federal Tax Sharing: establish (see bill S. 1693), 9116.

National Commission on Libraries and Information Science: establish (see bill S. 1519),12280.

National Economic Conversion Commission: establish (see bill S. 1285), 5108.

National Employ the Older Worker Week: designate (see S.J. Res. 74), 5685.

National Foundation for the Social Sciences: establish (see bill S. 508), 1382.

National Kidney Disease Act of 1969; enact (see bill S. 2482) 17192.

Nigerian Civil War: relief assistance to persons affected by (see S, Con. Res. 3). 1420.

Nuclear detonations and seismic disturbances: study relationship between underground (see S.J. Res. l08), 11799.

Nuclear energy: study and evaluation Of air and water pollution and other effects of underground uses of (see bill s. 3042), 30331.

Office of Economic Opportunity: expanded legal services program (see bill S. 1291) 7661.

Oil and gas wells outside United States: deny use of percentage depletion for (see bill S. 2103), 11799.

Omnibus Civil Rights Act of 1969: enact (see bill S. 2029), 10599.

Opportunities Industrialization Centers: provide Federal financial assistance to (see bill S. 1362), 24779.

Potatoes: promotion program (see bill 1181), 4829.

President: amend Constitution relative to House of Representatives choosing of (see S.J. Res. 18), 7203.

President and Vice President: direct popular election (see S.J. Res. 1), 771.

Presidential elections: enable citizens who change residence to vote in (see bill 2165),12532.

Prisoners of war: treatment of, by North Vietnam (see S. Res. 243), 25437.

Property located in Federal areas: liability for payment of property taxes on certain (see bill S. 2048), 11061.

Public education: permit Attorney General to institute certain actions for desegregation of (see bill S. 2375), 19271.

Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965: funds to carry out purposes of title V (see bill S. 1090), 3886.

Railroad safety: Federal regulation (see bill S. 1933), 9831.

Research in Aging Act: enact (see bill S. 870), 2548.

Right to vote: extend to 18-year-olds (see S.J. Res. 7), 7964.

Senate: amend rule XXII (cloture) (see S. Res. 11), 419.

Small Business Capital Bank (see bill S. 1213), 4830.

Small business concerns in construction industry: Federal guarantees of certain construction bonds (see bill S. 2609), 24779.

Small Business Investment Act: amend (see bill S. 1212), 4830.

Social Security Act: coverage of certain drugs under health insurance benefits (see bill S. 763), 2137.

Social Security Act: definition of disability (see bill S. 1132), 4297.

Social Security Act: eligibility of blind persons to receive benefits under (see bill S. 2518), 18242, 20253.

Social Security Act: increase benefits under old-age, survivors, and disability insurance program (see bill S. 3100), 32657.

Social Security Act: repeal provisions limiting number of children to whom payments can be made under certain program (see bill S. 1959), 10415.

Social Security Act: revise provisions relating to aid to families with dependent children (see bill S. 1960),10415.

Solid waste disposal facilities: financial assistance for construction of (see bill S.2005),10599.

Space exploration: authorize Committee on Foreign Relations to study possibilities of international cooperation and cost sharing in (see S. Res. 285), 34518.

State and local governments: establish system of general support grants to (see bill S. 2483), 17192.

Student Assistance Act of 1969: enact (see bill S. 1788), 13691.

Student Insured loan program: authorize flexible interest rates for (see bill S. 2422), 23001.

Underground weapons testing: study international and other foreign policy aspects of (see S.J. Res. 155), 27870.

United Nations Conference on the Human Environment: establish interagency commission to make plans for (see S.J. Res. 156), 41049.

United Nations Conference on the Human Environment: support and participation in (see S. Res. 179), 8608.

Urban public transportation programs: long-term financing for expanded (see bill S. 3154), 34797.

Utah, U.S.S.: fly American flag over remains of (see bill S. 583), 1648.

Utility Consumers' Counsel Act of 1969: print additional copies of hearings on (see S. Res. 215), 19887.

Vietnam: land reform in South (see S. Res. 290), 35447.

Volunteer fire companies: second- and third-class mail rates (see bill S. 20), 769.

Volunteer firemen: make provisions of Vocational Education Act of 1963 applicable to persons preparing to be (see bill S. 2636), 19807.

Voting rights: extend to 18-year-olds (see S.J, Res. 147), 23526.

Voting Rights Act of 1965: extend relative to use of tests and devices (see bill S. 2456),16526.

Water Quality Improvement Act of 1969: enact (see bill S. 7), 768.

Youth camp safety standards: Federal leadership in developing State programs (see bill S. 809), 2339.

Youth Conservation Corps: establish in Departments of Interior and Agriculture (see bill S. 1076), 12281.

Memorials of legislature

Maine, 3609, 16715, 17191.

Remarks by, on

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 5247, 17192.

Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937: bill (S. 2214) to amend, 30379.

Agriculture: potato promotion, 30375.

Air Quality Act of 1967: legislation to extend, 14031.

Air Quality Improvement Act: introduction, 38210, 38211.

Air and water pollution: study effect of underground uses of nuclear energy on, 30334.

Aircraft, missiles, naval vessels, tracked combat vehicles, and research: bill (S. 2546) to authorize appropriations for procurement of, 21894-21902, 22369, 23224, 24833, 25322, 25324, 25326, 25327, 26185-26188.

Anthony, Susan B., 4900.

Antiballistic missile system: deployment, 20950, 21894-21901,22369.

Antiballistic missile system: unanswered questions relative to, 8631-8633.

Appalachian Regional Development Act: extend, 3695.

Appalachian Regional Development Act Amendments of 1969: bill (S. 1072) to enact, 18556, 33031.

Appropriations: bill (H.R, 11400) making second supplemental, 16447-16449.

Atomic energy: evaluate effects of underground uses of, 30334.

Atomic energy: nuclear tests, 11846.

Bailey, Lloyd W. challenge to the electoral vote of, 9, 199, 200.

Balanced Urbanization Policy and Planning Act: introduction, 38198, 38199.

Bartlett, E. L. "Bob": eulogy, 3928.

Baxter, Percival P.: eulogy, 18439.

Black Panther Party: defuse situation between police and, 39648.

C-5Acargo aircraft: funds for, 24833.

Cahn, Robert: Pulitzer Prize, 13937.

Ceylon Independence Day, 2662.

Chemical and biological agents: provide guidelines and controls over, 23224

Children's diseases: research, 25012.

Cigarette: advertising, 39105.

Citizen crusade for clean water, 18424.

Clean Air Act: bill (S. 2276) to extend, 35805.

Committee on Aging (Special) : notice of hearings, 16369.

Committee on Banking and Currency: notice of hearing, 418, 8617, 13692.

Committee on Government operations: notice of hearings, 4893, 8618, 24285, 24286.

Committee on Government operations: resolution (S. Res. 27) authorizing investigations, 3503, 3505-3508.

Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs (Select) : resolution (S. Res. 68) authorizing investigations, 3690.

Committee on Public Works: defense of members of, 14031.

Committee on Technology and Human Environment: establish, 2151, 2152, 11708, 38222.

Council on Environmental Quality: establish, 40424.

Cranston, Alan: tribute, 8645.

Defense spending, 26185.

Department of Defense: bill (H.R. 15090) making appropriations for, 39169, 39170

Departments of Labor, Health, Education and Welfare, and related agencies: bill

(H.R. 13111) making appropriations, 39319-39321.

Departments of State, Justice, Commerce, the judiciary, and related agencies (H.R. 12964) making appropriations, 33051.

Dickey-Lincoln School hydroelectric project, 33925.

Dirksen, Everett M.: eulogy, 32140.

Dubos, Rene: Pulitzer Prize, 13937.

Earthquakes: nuclear tests, 11846.

East-West trade: update regulations, 9860.

Economic development assistance: 33051.

Education: bilingual, 19400.

Education: full funding of programs, 15131, 15133.

Eisenhower, Dwight D.: eulogy, 8089

Electoral college: challenge to the less vote in, 9.

Electoral system: reform of, 5231.

Electoral vote: counting, 197-205, 207, 208, 210-214, 219, 220, 222, 244.

Electric power: legislation, 21604.

Electric power: prevention of failures, 21885.

Environment and natural resource Pulitzer Prize writings, 13937.

Environmental quality, 3643.

Environmental Quality Improvements of 1969: 29050-29054, 29060-29062, 29087.

Environmental Quality Improvements of 1969: introduction, 15544, 15545.

Export Administration Act of 1969 (H.R. 4293) to enact, 39205, 41136-41138.

Export Control Act of 1949: res( (H.J. Res. 864) to provide temporary extension for, 22887.

Export Expansion and Regulation 1969: bill (S. 2696; H.R. 4293) to enact, 31004-31008.

Export Expansion and Regulation 1969: introduction, 9860.

Export Expansion and Regulation 1969: print supplemental views on, 20711

Federal aid to education: administration proposals to reduce, 15129-15131, 15133

Federal Broker-Dealer Insurance Corporation Act: Introduction, 15165.

Federal Fine Arts and Architecture Act of 1969: introduction, 5688.

Federal grants-in-aid: strengthen operation of, 16970, 16971.

Foreign Assistance Act of 1969: bill (H.R.14580) to enact, 38464, 38467-38470, 38684, 38686, 38687, 38689.

Foreign trade: regulations, 9860.

Fulbright, J. William: tribute, 8631.

General clinical research centers: opposed to closing of 19, 25012.

Grant Consolidation Act of 1969: introduction, 11063, 11064.

Hart, Philip H,: study of oil import quotas by,11760.

Haynsworth, Clement F.: nomination, 35368.

Health and Manpower Act of 1968: concern over administration's proposals for funding, 22930-22933.

Hickel, Walter J.: nomination, 1503-1505, 1523, 1524, 1526.

Humphrey, Hubert H.: tribute, 19396.

Hurricane Camille: aftermath, 35468.

Hyde School, 40070.

Imports: recommendations on oil program, 34519.

Income tax: extension of surtax, 19367, 19368.

Independent offices and Department of Housing and Urban Development: (H.R. 12307) making appropriations for, 33641, 33642, 33644, 33645.

Indians: legislation to extend certain federal aid to State established reservations, 33836.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1969: introduction, 16970, 16971.

Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1969: bill (S. 11) to enact, 31544.

Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1969: proposed, 795.

Intergovernmental Power Coordination and Environmental Protection Act, 21594, 21604, 21885.

Intergovernmental Revenue Act of 1969: hearings on, 24285.

Intergovernmental Revenue Act of 1969: introduction, 17192.

Internal Revenue Code of 1954: amend to deny foreign wells to use oil depletion allowance, 11814.

International biological program: support, 8605.

Investors: protection, 15165.

Job Corps program: resolution (S. Res. 194) expressing sense of Senate in regard to changes in, 12121.

Johnson, Lyndon B.: tribute, 1216.

Kennedy, Edward M.: Alaska visit, 9163.

King, Martin L.: anniversary of death of, 8618.

Lake Superior: program to protect, 15091.

Laos or Thailand: combat troops in, 39169, 39170.

Libby, Winthrop C., 21137.

Library Services and Construction Act, 12053.

Long, Russell B.: reply to, 6183, 9161-9163.

Machiasport, Maine: proposal to establish oil refinery in, 6183-6185, 38667.

Machiasport, Maine: proposed foreign trade zone at, 7255, 9161-9163, 12059, 13031.

MacNaughton, Alan (Senator, Canadian Parliament): visit, 37476.

Marine Resources; Preservation Act of 1969: introduction, 15567.

Medical research: need to continue, 25012.

Medical schools and teaching hospitals: financial condition, 22930.

Mental health manpower, 22933.

MIRV: testing program, 33998.

National Commission on Nuclear and Seismic Safety: create, 11846.

National Conference on Public Administration, 15114.

National Environmental Policy Act of 1969: bill (S. 1075) to enact, 40423-40426.

National Library Week, 12053.

New England: cost of heating oil in, 6183, 9161-9163.

New England: extend Appalachian region program to,3695.

New England: fuel oil, 1503.

New England: nuclear power in, 12051.

New England: oil problem, 38667.

Nixon, Richard M.: ABM decision, 8631.

Nixon, Richard M.: Vietnam address by, 33544, 33550.

Nominations: consideration of certain, 8595.

Nuclear aircraft carrier (CVAN--69) : funds for, 25322, 25324, 25326, 25327.

Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, 5751-5753.

Nurses: training, 22930.

Oil depletion allowance, 6185, 9162.

Oil depletion allowance: deny use to foreign wells, 11814.

Oil Import program, 1503, 1505, 1523, 6183-6185, 9161-9163, 38667.

Oil imports: controls, 34519.

Oil industry: import quotas, 11760.

Oil spills: combating pollution created by, 33590.

Older persons: economics, 28921.

Orderly Marketing Act of 1969: introduction, 5690.

Personnel administration: strengthen State and local governments through improved, 31544.

Pollution: air, 33839, 38210.

Pollution: funds for research of fuel combustion to prevent air, 39319, 39320.

Pollution: legislation to control, 15544, 15545.

Pollution: nuclear, 30334.

Pollution: oil, 5722.

Pollution: payment of Torrey Canyon oil claims, 33854.

Pollution: powerplants, 2674.

Pollution: tribute to work of Subcommittee on Air and Water, 14031, 14032.

Pollution: water, 8645.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, 1481.

Potato Research and Promotion Act: bill (S. 1181) to enact, 30375.

Potatoes: exempt from marketing orders certain, 30379.

Power blackouts, 21594.

Powerplants: site selection, 2674.

President: direct election of, 9160.

Property located in Federal areas: permit States to subject persons to liability for payment of taxes on, 11082.

PTA: help support special education, 11153.

Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act of 1969: bill (H.R. 6543) to enact, 39105.

Public health schools: grants, 22930.

Public works: bill (H.R. 14159) making appropriations for, 33913, 33914, 33925, 36950,36961.

Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965: funds for title V of the, 3894.

Randolph, Jennings: reply to accusation made against, 14031.

Regional Development Act of 1969: introduction, 3894.

Resource Recovery Act of 1969: introduction, 10608, 12104.

Romney George W.: nomination to Secretary of Department of Housing and Urban Development, 418.

St. John Valley, Maine: bilingual education, 19400.

Santa Barbara oil leak: solution, 15113.

Senate: resolution (S. Res. 11) to amend rule XXII (cloture), 421.

Senior aides program: Aroostook County, 11753.

Small Business Administration: tribute, 13035.

State and local finances: ACIR report on, 5247.

State and local governments: improve, 31544.

States: improve revenue to, 17192.

Strategic arms limitation talks, 33998.

Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution: hearings, 3643.

Tax Reform Act of 1969: bill (H.R. 13270) to enact, 36662, 36670, 37031, 37885, 37886, 37888, 38258, 38259, 38287, 38389.

Tax Reform Act of 1969: oil depletion allowance on foreign oil, 37031.

Tax Reform Act of 1969: personal exemption, 36662, 36670.

Torrey Canyon: settlement of claims, 33854.

Uniform Relocation Assistance and Land Acquisition Policies Act of 1969: bill (S. 1) to enact, 31533.

Uniform Relocation Assistance and Land Acquisition Policies Act of 1969: proposed, 772.

United Nations Conference on Human Environment: provide for U.S. participation in, 8608.

Urban development, 38198, 38199.

Urban renewal programs: funds, 33641, 33642, 33644, 33645.

Veterans Day, 33660.

Vietnam: land reform, 38684, 38685, 38690.

Vietnam: President's address on, 33544-33550.

Vietnam: review of situation relative to ending war in, 33544-33550.

Vietnam: U.S. policy, 20450, 33594.

Vietnam moratorium, 34532.

Vietnam Moratorium Day: Bates College observance, 30361.

Waste disposal facilities: provide financial assistance for construction of solid, 10608.

Water Quality Improvement Act of 1969: bill (S. 7) to enact, 28954-28959, 28966, 28968, 28983-28987, 28997, 28998, 29008, 29048, 29051-29054, 29060-29064, 29089, 29090, 29092, 29093, 29098-29100.

Water Quality Improvement Act of 1969: Introduction, 1404.

Water Quality Improvement Act of 1969: proposed, 788.

Water Quality Improvement Act of 1969: oil spills, 33590.

Women: prohibit discrimination against, 4900.

Reports made by, from

Committee on Banking and Currency, 17191.

Committee on Government Operations, 1249, 26688, 30650.

Committee on Public Works, 22908.

Votes of. See YEA-AND-NAY VOTES.