1966: 89th Congress, Second Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S. (a Senator from Maine).


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Polish Christian Millennium anniversary, by, 9538.

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Salute to Senator McNamara 9545.

State Legislatures in an Age of Creative Federalism, by, 10780.

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Advertisement: We Believe We Have a Right to a Vote, Washington Post, 2048

Analysis: S. 1681, establish a policy for fair treatment of persons displaced by federal programs, 16737.

Analysis: S. 2987, Clean Rivers Restoration Act, 4233.

Analysis: S. 3408, Intergovernmental Personnel Act, 11539.

Analysis: S. 3509, establish National Intergovernmental Affairs Council, 13235.

Appointed to Canada-United States parliamentary Group Meeting, 7843

Appointed to Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, 21544.

Appointed conferee, 19255, 19752, 20037, 24806, 25512, 25521, 27279.

Appointed to funeral committee, 9521

Article: Air Pollution, from Conservation Foundation, A5899.

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Federal Pollution Agency is short on Men, Morale, and Momentum, Engineering News-Record, 11531.

Federalism and Public Employment. W. B. Graves, 2529.

Four New Water Pollution abatement Cases in the Works, G. W. Fishbein, Environmental Health Letter, 13195

Girl Called Dottie Writes Letter to her President, M. Roberto, Portland Telegram, 17722.

Graduate Education, Public Service and the Negro, U.S. Aikins, Public Administration Review, 26763.

Hard Times for a Corner Grocery, Miami Herald, 16733.

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Plan Needed To Rescue Historic Buildings, A. M. Rains, Virginia Law Weekly, 11245.

Poverty's Challenge to States, T. Sanford, 8710.

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States as Partners, W. Chapman, Washington Post, 7602.

Tributes to May Craig (sundry), 3370-3373.

U.S. Policy in Vietnam -- Views of Five Experts, Look, 17325.

Cloture petition, 2130, 2513.

Designated Acting President pro tempore, 21813, 23801, 25067.

Editorial: Can Industry Afford Not To Be a Public Nuisance? Factory, L. R. Bittie, 3130.

Editorial: Coordinating a Colossus, Wall Street Journal, 15075.

Editorial: Keep Kittery Fighting Fit for Our Fleet, Portland (Maine) Press Herald, 14104.

Editorial: Muskie Forcing Congress To Enact Antipollution Measures (sundry), 15595.

Editorial: Progress in Building Codes, B. F. Hillenbrand, American County Government 3846.

Foreword: With Heritage So Rich, Mrs. Lyndon B Johnson, 2629.

Interview: Citizen Action Program, General Electric Forum, by, 317.

Letter: financing REA loans, Senator Robertson, by C. L. Schultze 9594.

Letter: German Steel Mill for Red China, H. Knappstein, by, 8169.

Letter: Support for Participation Sales Act of 1966, sundry veteran organizations, 9601, 9602

Letter: War on Poverty, exchange of correspondence between D. Brown and President Johnson, 17723.

List: Bureau of Public Roads actions relative to relocation assistance, 17332

List: Loans for Federal credit programs, 9593, 9594

List: Members of Special Committee on Historic preservation, 2630.

List: Organizations in favor of demonstration cities program, 20026.

Memorandum: coordination for development planning, President Johnson, 26524.

Memorandum: Justification of cost estimate, conference of sanitary engineers survey, L. G. Billings, 27245.

Pamphlet: Grassroots Good Government Reform. National Civil Service League, 26507.

Preface: "With Heritage So Rich," Representative Rains, 2629.

Proclamation: Commemoration of Poland's National and Christian Millennium, President Johnson, 9538.

Report: Explanation of Differences Between Senate and House Versions of Participation Sales Act, 11043.

Report: Federal System as Seen by Federal Aid Officials, Committee on Government Operations (excerpts), 13235.

Report: Federal System as Seen by State and Local Officials, Committee on Government Operations (excerpts), 13235.

Report: H.R. 6009, To Provide Increases in Public Debt Limit, House Ways and Means Committee, minority report, 11187.

Report: Limitation on Agricultural Payments, Department of Agriculture, 15837.

Report: Metropolitan Zoning and Tax Equalization Reforms, National Conference of American Institute of Planners, 25988

Report: Recommendations by the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 6840

Report: Salary Schedules, Case Studies, 11533.

Report: School Board Practices With Those of the District of Columbia Board of Education, by J. L. Draper, A5916.

Report: Special Committee on Historic Preservation, 2630.

Report: Vietnam conflict--substance and shadow, by several senators and, 160-164, 362, 959, 963, 978, 1512.

Resolution: building code reform, Conference of Mayors, 23018.

Resolution: building code reform, National Association of Counties, 23018.

Commendation to Senator Robertson, by, 27360.

Retirement of Frank Bane, Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 11252.

Retirement tribute to Walter L. Reynolds, by, 1277.

Statement: Advantages of Participation Sales Over Direct Sales of Loans, Treasury Department, 11189

Comparison of Costs of Direct Loan Sales With Participation Sales, Treasury Department, 11190

Federal Salary Policy, C. B. Randall, 11532.

Funds Devoted to Training Grant Programs, Water Pollution Control Administration, 15597.

Intergovernmental Relations, Committee on Government Operations, J. W. Macy, 19480.

Manpower Crisis, Committee on Government Operations, by, 19481.

Plea for Sanity-American Prisoners in Hanoi, by, 15851.

Program Will Help Local Governments Be More Effective, Washington Report, 12835.

Subcommittee on Government Research, Senator Harris, 3403.

Tribute to Disabled American Veterans, by, 13527.

Urge Unconditional Funding of Rent Supplement Program, by, 9095.

Visit to Vietnam, by, 963.

West German Approval To Build Steel Complex for Red China, by, 6494.

Table: air-pollution agencies, by States, A5903, A5904.

Table: average residential electric bills, 12371.

Table: comparison of funds for Clean Waters Restoration Act, 27244.

Table: comparison of relocation programs, 16734,16736.

Table: dealer quotes on FNMA participation certificates, 9598.

Table: 49 Federal grant-in-aid programs likely to form core of city demonstration program activities, 19871-19883.

Table: loans and financial assets of Federal agencies, 9601, 9960.

Table: projects approved by Committee on Public Works, 26000, 26001.

Table: sale of financial assets (1953-1960) 11186.

Table: sources of funds for city demonstration program, 20049, 20050.

Table: Yields on selected issues of securities, 9597.

Text of S. 2927, to amend act establishing Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 3028.

Text of S. 2947, amendments to Water Pollution Control Act, 3455.

Text of S. 3097, to preserve historic structures as part of urban renewal projects, 6097.

Text of S. 3098, to promote and coordinate historic preservation activities, 6099

Text of S. 3408, Intergovernmental Personnel Act, 11537.

Text of S. 3509, establish National Intergovernmental Affairs Council, 13234

Text of S. 3521, Federal Fine Arts and Architecture Act, 13475.

Text of Senate Resolution 298, to create Select Committee on Technology a Human Environment, 20543.

Tributes in Senate, 9956, 15258, 15262, 20074, 26774.

Amendments offered by, to

Agricultural commodities: amend bill (S. 2933) to promote International trade in, 4333

Federal credit agencies: amend bill (S. 3283) to promote private financing of credit needs and method of liquidating financial assets of, 9944, 9955.

Independent offices and Department of Housing and Urban Development: amend bill (H.R.14921) making appropriations for, 18909.

Traffic Safety Act of 1966: amend bill (S. 3005) to enact, 8215, 9881.

Water pollution control: amend bill (S. 2947) to improve and make more effective programs for, 15596.

Bills and joint resolutions introduced by

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: make corrective changes in act establishing (see bill S.2927), 3027.

Air pollution: authorize study of means of propelling vehicles so as not to contribute to (see bill S. 3911), 26735

Architectural Advisory Board and Art Advisory Board: establish in General Services Administration (see bill S.3521), 13469.

Clean Air Act: amend to authorize grants to air pollution control agencies (see bill S. 3112), 6331.

Credit needs: promote private financing of (see bill S. 3283), 9018.

Death penalty: abolish under all U.S. laws (see bill S. 3646), 16958.

Fabrics containing wool and silk: amend rates of duty on (see bill S. 3865), 23858

Federal employees: protect those of executive branch in enjoyment of their Constitutional rights (see bills S. 3703, 3779), 20544, 20839.

Federal Water Pollution Control Act: Improve and make more effective certain programs under (see bill S. 2947), 3421.

Income tax: allow business development corporations to deduct additions to bad debt reserves from (see bill S. 3557), 23102.

Income tax: deduct additions to reserve for certain guaranteed debt obligations from (see bill S. 2969), 3821.

Ines, Cita R. L,: for relief (see bill S. 3761), 20526.

Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1966: enact (see bill S. 3408), 11463.

International bridge: consent to agreement between Maine and Province of New Brunswick for construction of (see bill S. 3476), 12445.

Kennebec Arsenal property: convey to Maine (see bill S. 3426), 11714.

Library Services and Construction Act: extend and amend (see bill S. 3076), 6336.

Mount Desert Island (Maine) Regional School District: convey certain lands to (see bill S. 3261), 8666.

National Advisory Council on Historic Preservation: establish (see bill S. 3097), 6088.

National Community Senior Service Corps: establish (see bill S. 2877), 5897.

National Eye Institute: establish in National Institutes of Health (see bill S. 3514), 14361.

National Foundation for the Social Sciences: establish (see bill S. 3896), 25975.

National Intergovernmental Affairs Council: establish (see bill S. 3509), 13146.

National register of historic sites, buildings, and objects: establish (see bill S. 3098), 6088.

National UNICEF Day: designate annually (see S.J. Res. 144, 194), 6109, 23567.

National Water Commission: establish (see bill S. 3107), 6895.

Persons living within Federal areas: require States to provide full rights and privileges to (see bill S. 3721), 19176.

President and Vice President: provide for direct election of (see S.J. Res. 163), 12343.

Privately owned property in Federal areas. permit State and local taxation of (see bill S. 3000), 4328.

Public schools: assist school boards in attempts to correct racial imbalances in (see bill S. 2928), 4241

Railroad mergers and reorganizations: liberalize carryover of net operating losses in (see bill S. 2786), 1625.

Redwood National Park: preserve trees within boundaries of proposed (see S.J. Res. 192), 22157.

Rural electric and telephone cooperatives: provide supplemental financing program for (see bill S, 3337), 12067.

Rural electrification and telephone programs: provide additional sources of financing for (see bill S. 3720), 19176.

Slums and blighted areas: assist city demonstration programs for rebuilding (see bill S. 3708), 18634.

Tariff Act of 1930: amend relative to manufacture or production in insular possessions (see bill S. 2911), 2598.

Unclaimed personal property in custody of Federal agencies: facilitate discovery and recovery by States of (see bill S. 3503), 13146.

Uniformed services members: authorize program for mentally retarded, mentally ill, and physically handicapped dependents of (see bill S. 3169), 8075.

U.S. coastal and Great Lakes shorelines: authorize appraisal report of (see bill S. 3798), 23569.

Vessel Eugenie 11: document as U.S. vessel with coastwise privileges (see bill S. 3787),21500.

Veterans: provide for disposition of personal estates of those dying intestate and without heirs (see bill S. 3502), 13146.

Water pollution control and abatement: provide nationwide program of (see bill S. 2987), 4233.

Memorials of legislature

Maine, 2622, 3102, 3514.

Motions and resolutions offered by

Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965 (S. 3) : print additional copies of (see S. Res. 208), 950.

Catalog of Federal Aids to State and Local Governments--Second Supplement: print additional copies of (see S, Con. Res. 84), 7844.

Committee on Government Operations: additional funds for (see S. Res. 174), 204.

Committee on Government Operations: authorize studies on efficiency and economy of Government operations and functions by (see S. Res. 218), 1623, 1624.

Committee on Government Operations: authorize study of intergovernmental relationships by (see S. Res. 205), 949, 950.

Committee on National Service and the Draft (Joint) : establish (see S. Con. Res. 95), 12343.

Committee on Public Works: additional staff and funds for (see S. Res. 206), 949, 950.

Committee on Technology and Human Environment (Select) : establish (see S. Res. 298), 20527, 20543.

Foreign aid: bill (S. 3584; H.R. 15750) to authorize appropriations for, 17056.

Hearings on Water Quality Act of 1966 (S. 4) : print additional copies of (see S. Res. 207), 950.

Import duty reductions: require congressional approval to international agreements for (see S. Con. Res. 83). 6895.

National Science Foundation: provide more equitable distribution of research and development funds by (see S. Res. 250), 8295, 8298.

Nuclear weapons: support efforts to limit spread of (see S. Res. 179), 476, 505.

Report on the 5-Year Record of the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations and its Future Role: print additional copies of (see S. Res. 219), 2106,2107.

Truman, Harry S.: extend Nation's birthday greetings to (see S. Res. 252), 9546, 10064.

U.S. forces in Western Europe: favor reduction of (see S. Res. 300), 21442, 21500.

Remarks by, on

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: accomplishments and report by, 3028, 3103.

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: legislation to strengthen, 3028.

Air pollution control: bill (S. 3112) to authorize grants for programs, 15249-15261, 15253, 15255, 15257, 15258, 26808.

Aircraft, missiles, naval vessels, certain vehicles, and research: bill (S. 2791) to authorize appropriations for procurement of, 3985-3989.

Appropriations: bill (H.R. 14012) making supplemental, 9092.

Architecture: legislation to improve Federal building, 13474.

Art: program for acquisition for Federal buildings work of, 13474.

Automobiles: pollution control devices, 26736.

Aviation: jet age coming to New England, 11247.

Bane, Frank: tribute, 11251.

Brown, Dorothy: War on Poverty experiences of, 17722.

Building codes, 3846, 23017.

Clean Rivers Restoration Act: introduction, 4234.

College housing: programs, 19235, 19237-19240.

Committee on Finance: change of reference to legislation to, 2195.

Committee on Foreign Relations: reference of legislation to, 1881.

Committee on Government Operations: notice of hearings, 12343, 17279.

Committee on Government Operations: resolution (S. Res. 218) to provide funds for study of research and development programs, 3403.

Committee on Historic Preservation (Special): With Heritage So Rich, published by, 2629.

Committee on Labor and Public Welfare: reference of legislature to, 1881.

Committee meetings during session: 2191, 2506, 2687, 17390, 19071, 19987.

Committee on Public Works: projects approved by, 26000.

Committee on Public Works: resolution (S. Res. 206) to authorize studies by, 3413.

Committee on Rules and Administration: filing of reports by, 2604.

Committee on Technology and the Human Environment (Select) : create, 20542

Craig, May: tribute, 3370.

Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act: bill (S. 3708) to enact, 19866-19870, 19884, 19885, 19887, 20026-20030, 20034, 20037-20039, 20043-20045, 20048, 20049, 20062, 20063, 20074, 27357

Department of Agriculture: bill (H.R.14596) making appropriations for, 15837

Dickey-Lincoln School hydroelectric project, 24689, 25790.

Displaced persons: establish policy for treatment of federally, 16733-16737.

Education: college housing, 19235, 19237-19240.

Education: funds for federally impacted areas, 6350.

Eisenhower, Dwight D.: assets sales program under, 11187.

Electric power: New England cost of, 12369, 24698.

Elementary and Secondary Education Act: accomplishment of library services under, 11177.

Employment: problems in State and local, 11531-11536.

Farmers Home Administration: loans, 9946, 9948, 9951, 11184.

Federal building: improve architecture and art acquisitions for, 13474.

Federal credit agencies: bill (S. 3283) to promote private financing of credit needs and method of liquidating financial assets of, 9591-9601, 9926, 9929-9932, 9934-i9939, 9943-9952, 9955, 9956, 11043, 11045-10529, 11184, 11186-11190.

Federal grant-in-aid programs: legislation to improve the administration of, 11531.

Federal highway system: property acquisition and relocation assistance, 17332, 17333.

Federal Trade Commission: consumer Protection, 24700.

Federalism: problems of, 24709.

Fish protein concentrate: bill (S. 2720) to develop means for production of, 26885.

Foreign aid: President's message including health and education in, 1932.

Government: administration on various levels of, 6833-6840, 13228-13234, 19480, 23051, 26507, 26523.

Great Society: economic and social programs, 2523, 2529.

Green, Theodore F.: eulogy, 11495.

Heeney, Arnold D. P.: tribute, A5896.

Highway Safety Act: bill (S. 3052) to enact, 20037.

Highways: proposed guidelines for advertising on, 3127.

Historic buildings: need to rescue, 11245

Historic properties: bill (S.3035) to establish program for preservation of additional, 15167.

Historic sites: legislation to preserve, 6097

Hogan, Mr. and Mrs. Earl H.: bill (S. 1520) for the relief of, 4118.

Housing: rent supplement program, 9092.

Housing and urban development: bill (S. 3711) to amend and extend laws relating to, 19058, 19060-19064, 19068-19071, 19235, 19237-19242.

Intergovernmental Personnel Act of 1966: introduction, 11531-11536.

Intergovernmental relations: 19480.

Intergovernmental relations: improvement of, 2523, 2529, 7601, 14115.

Intergovernmental relations: review of problems, 6833-6840, 13228-13234.

International health and education: proposal, 1932.

International monetary system: reform, 1663.

La Mountain, Bernard L.: bill (S. 851) for relief of, 4118.

Labor: bill (H.R. 77) to repeal right-to-work law, 2046-2050, 2267, 2723.

Library services: improvements, 11177.

Local governments: modernizing, 12835 12836.

McNamara, Pat: eulogy, 9545, 9546.

McNamara, Pat: retirement, 3880.

Maine: education, 25887.

Maine: granite stone from, 20577.

Maine: literary heritage of, 20566.

Mansfield, Mike: tribute, 959.

Metropolitan areas: zoning and tax reforms, 25987.

Minimum wages: bill (H.R. 13712) to increase and extend coverage of, 20490.

Morse, Mary F.: bill (S. 577) for relief of, 4118.

Mount Desert Island Regional School District: convey certain lands to, 8666.

National Intergovernmental Affairs Council: establish, 13228-13235.

New England: aviation advances in, 11247.

New England: development of hydroelectric resources, 24689.

North Platte River: clean up of, 8694.

Outdoor advertising: proposed guidelines, 3127.

Personal property: recovery by States of certain unclaimed, 13150.

Poddar, Dinesh K.: bill (S. 2663) for relief of, 19866.

Poland: anniversary of Christianity in, 9537, 9539.

Pollution: air, 13197.

Pollution: Humble Oil Co. combats, 18356.

Pollution: industrial air, 3130.

Pollution: legislation to amend Clean Air Act, 6334.

Pollution: program to control river, 4234.

Pollution: program to improve water, 3454.

Pollution: study means of propelling vehicles to reduce air, 26736.

Pollution: water, 2006, 8694.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery, Maine: exclusion from modernization Program, 14104.

Property taxes: liability of certain persons for payment of 4332.

Public works: bill (H.R. 17787) making appropriations for, 25790.

Reynolds, Walter L.: tribute, 1278.

Riots: Aid for innocent victims of, l9058.

Robertson, A. Willis: birthday tribute, 11595.

Ruhr River: Pollution control, 19495.

Sanford. Terry 8710.

School Milk program: proposed reduction, 3868.

Science and technology: utilize, 20542.

Senate: extension of time for legislation to lie on desk, 11000.

Simpson, Milward L.: water pollution efforts of, 8695

State and local governments: employment crisis, 11531

State and local governments: modernizing, 12835, 12836.

State and local governments: program to assist administration of, 13228-13234, 19480, 23051, 26507, 26524, 27558

States: Great Society role of, 8710.

Unemployment: problem of Negro, 26763.

Uniform Relocation Act of 1966: bill (S. 1681) to enact, 16733-16737.

Veterans: bill (S. 9) to provide assistance for cold war, 2868.

Veterans: disposition of personal estates of certain, 13150.

Vietnam: report of mission to, 959, 963.

Vietnam: supplemental appropriations, procurement and development, 3985-3989.

Water: steps toward clean, 2006.

Water Pollution Control Act: amend. 3454.

Water Pollution Control Act: bill (S. 2947) to improve and make more effective programs for, 15585-15587. 15596-15599, 15602, 15603, 15611-15613, 15615, 15629, 27244-27237.

Water Pollution Control Act: extension of time for cosponsors to S. 2947 to amend, 4241.

Water Pollution Control Administration: transfer of, 13195.

Water pollution control facilities: construction of, 19493.

Weaver, Robert C housing statement of, 19240.

Williamson, Arthur E., 8694.

World trade: monetary reserves relative to, 1663.

Reports made by, from

Committee on Banking and Currency, 9300, 15068, 18634.

Committee of conference, 26808, 27244.

Committee on Government Operations, 202, 949, 1623, 2106, 7844, 16379, 27309.

Committee on Public Works, 949, 15066, 15068, 27521.

Votes of. See YEA-AND-NAY VOTES.