1965: 89th Congress, First Session

MUSKIE, EDMUND S.(a Senator from Maine)


Citizen's Role in Formulating Regional Goals, Conference for Transportation and Regional Development, by, 10683

Future in the International Drug Field, American Market Association, R. C.Fenton, 17908

Governors' Conference, B. Ellington, 20887

Introduction of Captain Cousteau to Ocean Science and Engineering Conference, J. H. Wakelin, 19568.

Investment Planning and Balance-of-Payments Program, N.Y. Society of Security Analysts, A. F. Brimmer, 17902.

National Association of Manufacturers, J. W. Barr, 24898.

Nebraska Democratic Party Jefferson Jackson Day Banquet, by, 12205.

Ocean Science and Ocean Engineering Conference, Jacques Cousteau, 19568.

Stake of U.S. Business in Balance-of-Payments Program, American Market Association, A. L. Nickerson, 17906.

U.S. Balance of Payments, Business Council, H.H.Fowler, 10435.

Urban Crisis and Quest for Great Society, at Kent State University, by, 11595-11597.

What is Pollution -- to a Conservationist? Society of Civil Engineers, R. H. Stroud, 6543.

Analysis: S. 4, to control and abate water pollution, 189.

Analysis: S. 306 to amend Clean Air Act, 376.

Analysis: S. 560, to control air and water pollution, 734.

Analysis: S. 561, to achieve cooperation of all governmental activities, 738.

Analysis: S. 1681. to provide aid to persons displaced by Federal Government, 6536.

Analysis: S. 2022, to provide for orderly marketing of certain imports, 11347.

Appointed to Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 4692.

Appointed conferee, 17325, 18537, 19839, 24849.

Appointed to Interparliamentary Union Conference (alternate) 19536.

Appointed to Legislative Review Committee, 468.

Article: Aging Lake Brie, Washington Post, J. M. White, 6545.

Eldercare, Consumer Reports, 3496.

Europe Admits Effect of U.S. Payments Plan, Washington Post, B. D. Nossiter, 6543.

Help for Taxpayers, Wall Street Journal, J. Mathewson, 13465.

Nature of Common Market's Crisis, Morgan Guaranty Survey, 27119.

Neighborhood Youth Corps, Bridgton News, 24535.

Property Tax Debate, Wall Street Journal, J. Mathewson, 21174.

State Tax Collections Soar, by Wall Street Journal, 21173.

Unsung Heroes, by Will Muller, in Detroit (Mich.) News, 6445.

Vacation in Maine, John McKelway, Washington Star (series), A4739, A4740

Cloture petition, 11188.

Credentials, 5.

Editorial: Chaos or Correction, National Civic Review, S. F. Zimmerman, 20889

Elected to Committee on Banking and Currency, 467.

Elected to Committee on Government Operations, 467.

Elected to Committee on Public Works, 467.

Letter: authorizing continuance of Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations to Senator B. E. Jordan, by, 2252

Letter: Economic redevelopment along regional lines, P. S. Hughes, 1674.

Letter: Legislation to prevent water pollution, A.J. Celebrezze, 1504

Letter: Opposition to restrictive trade policies or boycotts, by J.T. Connor, 15390

Letter: Providing information on facilities to traveling public, by J. Connor, 24116, 24117

Letter: Regulate exhaust fumes from motor vehicles, W.J. Cohen, 25850

Letter: Report on work-study program, office of economic opportunity, J.M. Gooding, 24535

List: Schedule of hearings on balance-of-payments problem by Committee on Banking and Currency, 18807

Oath of Office, 7

Remarks in Senate: Proposed Orderly Marketing Act, 11854

Report: Balance-of-payments statistics of the United States, Review Committee, 9327

Report: Rent supplement program, 27335

Resolution: Federal Water Pollution Control Advisory Board, 1505

Statement: Balance-of-payments, K. Gordon, 9327

Balance-of-payments hearings by, 3745

Importance of Oceanography, J.H. Wakeline, 15773

Include New England in Appalachia Regional Program, by, 1674

Private Financing in Depressed Areas, Committee on Banking and Currency, J.T. Connor, 11911, 11912

Table: Balance of payments summary, 9328

Table: Foreign financing by U.S. corporations (sundry), 17905, 17906

Table: Local governments involved in bill S.1648, 12157

Table: Proposed rent supplement program, 27335

Table: Public works and developments facilities (sundry), 11915, 12160

Telegram: Tribute to Senator Randolph by Vice President Humphrey, 27325

Text of S. 4, to control and abate water pollution, 188

Text of S.306, to prevent air pollution, 375

Text of S.560, to control air and water pollution, 733

Text of S.561, to achieve cooperation of all government activities, 735

Text of S.1023, provide flexibility to States in public health grants-in-aid, 2180

Text of S.1681, to provide aid to persons displaced by Federal Government, 6534

Text of S.2022, to provide for orderly marketing of certain imports, 11346

Text of S. 2251, to establish Department of Marine and Atmospheric Affairs, 15776.

Text of Senate Concurrent Resolution 27, to print "Catalog of Federal Aids to State and Local Governments," 4586.

Tribute in House, 26371.

Tributes in Senate, 1545, 16962, 25891.

Amendments offered by, to

Coins: amend bill (S. 2080) to revise contents of, 13570.

Flood and Agriculture Act of 1965: amend bill (H.R. 9811) to enact, 23315.

Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965: amend bill (S. 2213) to enact, 16939, 16948.

National Wild Rivers System: amend bill (S. 1446) to reserve lands for, 11879.

Voting rights: amend bill (S. 1564) to enforce Constitution relative to, 9508.

Bills and joint resolutions introduced by

Aged: hospital insurance program under social security for (see bill S. 1), 166.

Agriculture: authorize loans to combat certain economic conditions (see bill S. 1126), 2608.

Air carriers: require adequate transportation services (see bill S. 937), 2800.

Animals: provide for humane treatment of, when used for scientific purposes (see bill S. 1071), 3305.

Appalachian Trail: facilitate management, use, and public benefits from (see bill S.622), 883.

Areas suffering major disasters: additional assistance for (see bill S. 1861), 16621.

Areas sustaining sudden and severe economic hardship: authorize assistance for (see bill S. 400), 1039.

Birthday of John F. Kennedy: designate a legal holiday (see bill S. 1629), 5827.

Children's Day in Sports: designate (see S.J. Res. 54), 3475.

Civil Service Retirement Act: authorize retirement of certain persons without reduction of annuity, after 20 years of service (see bill S. 1140), 1779.

Civilians aboard submarine Thresher furnish memorial markers for (see S.J. Res. 94), 15038.

Columbus Day: make a legal holiday (see bill S. 108), 169.

Committee on the Budget (Joint) : establish (see bill S. 2), 166.

Container: provide a standard dry 11/2 quart (see bill S. 18), 167.

Repeal certain acts relative to fruit and vegetable (see bill S. 17). 167.

Continental Shelf: program to develop resources of (see bill S. 1091), 3478.

Deaf persons: extend and expand captioned film program for (see bill S. 2232), 15340

Department of Housing and Urban Development: establish (see bill S. 1599), 5828.

Department of Marine and Atmospheric Affairs: establish (see bill S. 2251),15770.

Economic development: establish regional commissions to assist areas in need of (see bill S. 812), 1461.

Economically distressed areas: public works grants to assist (see bill S. 1648), 7270.

Educational resources: strengthen for colleges and universities (see bill S. 600), 1746.

Elva L.: document with coastwise privileges (see bill S. 1275), 3474.

Employee welfare and pension plans: provide additional protection for participants and beneficiaries of (see bill S. 2627), 26628.

Equal rights for men and women: amend Constitution relative to (see S.J. Res. 85),11336.

Federal, State, and local governments: enable greater cooperation and coordination among (see bill S. 561), 698.

Federal-aid highways: assist States in purchase of lands and easements for scenic purposes along (see bill S. 362), 8406.

Federal Air Pollution Control Laboratory: establish (see bill S. 306), 370.

Federal and federally assisted programs: provide fair and equitable treatment of persons displaced by (see bill S. 1681), 6503.

Federal grants-in-aid to States: periodic congressional review of (see bill S. 689), 1240.

Federal Water Pollution Control Administration: establish (see bill S. 4), 166.

Federally Impacted areas: permanency of authorization for certain payments to (see bill S. 1108), 3305.

Fishery resources: conserve offshore (see bill S. 49), 168.

Fishery zone: establish 12-mile territorial (see bills S. 2218. 2225), 15364, 15860.

Foreign development programs: aid colleges and universities to provide research and training to promote (see bill S. 1212), 3201.

Higher education students: establish programs to assist (see bill S. 5), 912.

Immigration and Nationality Act: amend (see bill S. 500), 696.

Imported articles: provide for orderly marketing of (see bill S. 2022), 11336.

Internal Revenue Service: prohibit opening of mail by (see bill S. 1886), 10974.

Irish potatoes: prohibit trading in futures on commodity exchanges (see bill S. 1477), 4586.

Litto, Ines M. F.: for relief (see bill S. 1127), 2609.

National Economic Conversion and Diversification Commission: establish (see bill S. 30), 1037, 1283.

National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities: establish (see bill S. 1483), 11818.

National Humanities Foundation: establish (see bills S. 111, 316), 169, 1283.

National Wool Act of 1954: extend operation of (see bill S. 994), 2800.

Office of the National Boxing Commissioner: establish (see bill S. 2124), 13194.

Packaging or labeling: prevent use of unfair methods of (see bill S. 985), 1972.

Passamaquoddy-St. John hydroelectric power project: authorize construction of (see bill S. 515). 697.

Polish nation: issue series of postage stamps commemorating millennium of (see bill S. 2646), 27919.

Polish nation: U.S. people to observe millennium of (see S.J. Res. 117), 27919.

Presidency and Vice Presidency: amend Constitution relative to succession to (see S.J. Res. 1), 172.

Public health grants-in-aid: greater flexibility to States in use of (see bill S. 1023), 2172.

Public lands: adjust legislative jurisdiction over certain (see bill S. 1007), 1985.

Rural water supply program: promotion of (see bill S. 1766), 8948.

Simone, Ellanore E.: for relief (see bill S. 2257), 15857.

Simonian, Simon D., et al.: for relief (see bill S. 1128). 2609.

Tentunian, Perouze: for relief (see bill S. 1533), 5152

Veterans' facilities: require 6 months' advance public notice of planned closing or relocation of (see bill S. 969), 4116.

Voting rights: enforce Constitution relative to (see bill S. 1564), 5411.

Wang, Lee K.: for relief (see bill S. 1274), 3474.

Washington Navy Yard: preserve as historic interest certain structures and lands of (see bill S. 1927), 11192

Water and air pollution: improved cooperation by Federal agencies to control (see bill S. 560), 698.

Water and air Pollution abatement works: permit 36-month tax amortization of (see bill S. 1670), 6502.

Memorial of legislature: Maine, 3723, 4493, 8396, 13327.

Motions and resolutions offered by

Catalog of Federal Aids to State and Local Governments: print additional copies of, (see S. Con. Res. 27, 45) 4586, 19074

The Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: print additional copies of, (see S.Con. Res. 44), 19074.

Committee on Government Operation, study of Federal-State Intergovernmental Relationships (see S. Res. 59), 1231, 1243

Committee on the Organization the Congress (Joint) : establish (see S.Con. Res. 2), 172.

Committee To Study Gold Production in the United States: create (see S. Res. 83), 9450.

Russia: express sense of Congress relative to persecution of Jews by (see S. Con. Res. 17), 4496.

Stevenson, Adlai S.: Print as Senate document all floor tributes to (see S. Con. Res. 43),19383.

"Years of Lightning, Day of Drums" make film available for distribution (S. Con. Res. 4), 177.

Remarks by, on

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations: annual report, 2634-2636.

Aged: bill (H.R. 6675) to provide hospital insurance under social security for, 16070.

Agriculture: cotton program, 23322.

Agriculture: migrant workers, 23529.

Agriculture: provide loans to farmers and ranchers when suffering from economic conditions, 2615.

Air pollution: bill (S. 306) to control fumes from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, 10782.

Air pollution: legislation to prevent, 374.

Allagash River: preserve, 11879.

Appropriations: bill (H.R. 11588) making supplemental, 27541-27543, 27550.

Atmospheric research: coordinate, 15773-15776.

Automobiles: control air pollution caused by diesel engines and, 10782.

Aviation: inadequacy of airline service, 17367.

Balance-of-payments: hearings on, 3556.

Balance-of-payments: problem, 9327, 9850, 17902, 24898, 27119.

Balance-of-payments: program to improve, 6543.

Bernstein, Edward M., 9850.

Chamberlain, Joshua, 11914.

Coffin, Frank M.: nomination, 24092.

Committee on Banking and Currency: notice of hearings, 3556, 9850, 10313, 18807.

Committee on Government Operations: notice of hearings, 2189, 9214, 14958

Committee on Government Operations: resolution (S. Res. 59) to authorize study of Intergovernmental relationships, 2252-2254.

Conservation: funds for land and water, 11879.

Department of Defense: bill (H.R. 9221) making appropriations for, 21716.

Department of Housing and Urban Development: bill (S. 1599) to establish, 20019-20024.

Department of Marine and Atmospheric Affairs: establish, 15773-15776.

Economic conditions: provide for marketing of imports, 11345.

Economic Opportunity Act of 1964: bill (H.R. 8283) to enhance effectiveness of program under, 20676.

Economically distressed areas: bill (S. 1648) to provide grants for public works and development facilities, 11794-11796, 11910-11912, 11914-11916, 12156-12162, 12167, 12168, 12170, 12179, 12180.

Educational quality and opportunities: bill (H.R. 2362) to strengthen and improve, 7711.

Engle, Clair: eulogy, 3837.

Exports: bill (H.R. 7105) to provide for continuation of authority for regulation of 15387, 15388, 15390, 15391.

Federal-aid highway systems: bill (S. 2084) to provide for scenic development and beautification of, 23872, 23875, 23876, 24116, 24117, 24127-24132, 24143.

Federal Air Pollution Control Laboratory: authorize, 10782.

Federal Air Pollution Control Laboratory: bill (S. 306) to establish, 25850.

Federal buildings: control air and water pollution by, 5870.

Federal-State relations, 20887.

Food and Agriculture Act of 1965: bill (H.R. 9811) to enact, 23322, 23529

Foreign trade: provide for orderly marketing of imports, 11345.

Governmental activities: provide cooperation and coordination of all, 734.

Hart, Philip A.: tribute, 11756.

Housing: rent supplements, 27541, 27542.

Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965: bill (S. 2213) to enact, 16919-16924, 16298-16302, 16926-16931, 16937-16940, 16948.

Housing and Urban Development: rent supplement program of, 27334.

Immigration and Nationality Act: bill (H. R. 2580) to amend, 24780.

Intergovernmental cooperation: bill (S. 561) to promote, 19578.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Act: support for, 20887.

International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences, 13454.

Johnston, Olin D.: eulogy, 14375.

Kennedy, Edward M.: tribute, 12179.

Magnuson, Warren G.: tribute, 19567.

Marine research: coordinate, 15773-15776.

Military installations: bill (H.R. 8439) authorizing certain construction at, 15011, 15012.

Motor vehicles: regulate exhaust fumes from, 25850.

Murphy, Charles S., nomination, 9842.

National Oceanographic Council: bill (S. 944) to establish, 19567.

National Wild Rivers System: add State designated areas 11879.

Natural beauty, President's message, 2356.

Oceanography: expand, 19567.

Office of Economic Opportunity: work study program of, 24535.

Orderly Marketing Act: proposal, 11345.

Passamaquoddy tidal power project: authorize, 713.

Patents: Private industry using Government grants to secure, 1532, 1535.

Polish Constitution Day, 9223.

Pollution: bill (S. 560) to control from Federal buildings air and water, 5870.

Pollution: legislation to control air and water, 732

Property tax: reforms, 21173

Public health grants-in-aid: provide flexibility to States in use of, 2180.

Randolph, Jennings: District of Columbia Trucking Association award to, 27325.

Randolph, Jennings, tribute to, 24143.

Relocation: Problems of, 9215

Relocation: program to assist in, 6532.

Robertson, A. Willis: tribute, 11917.

Smith, Margaret Chase: resolution (S. Res. 16) commending, 13520

Tariff schedules: bill (H.R. 7969) to correct certain errors in, 20218.

Transportation: airline commuter service, 17367.

Uniform Relocation Act: change of committee reference, 9215.

Uniform Relocation Act: proposed, 6532.

United Arab Republic: boycott, 15390, 15391.

Urbach, Stuart: eulogy, 20164.

Voting rights: bill (S. 1564) to enforce Constitution relative to, 11756.

Water pollution: bill (S. 4) to prevent, 1503-1508, 1509, 1511, 1518, 1519, 1527-1533, 1532, 1533, 1535, 1541, 1543, 1545, 18537, 24560.

Water Pollution: legislation to control and abate, 186.

Water pollution: problems, 6543, 6545.

Zuckert, Eugene M.: tribute, 25525.

Reports made by, from

Committee of conference, 24560.

Committee on Government Operations, 1231, 12966, 19066.

Committee on Public Works, 1350, 5473, 10500.

Votes of. See YEA-AND-NAY VOTES.