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Edmund S. Muskie papers, 1826-2005 | MC105

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Series I: Personal and family records

Series II: Waterville law practice

Series III: Early public service

Series IV: Governor

Series V: U.S. Senate

Subseries A. Washington Office

V.A.1 Frank M. Coffin congressional files

V.A.2 86th Congress, 1959-1960

V.A.3 87th Congress, 1961-1962

V.A.4 88th Congress, 1963-1964

V.A.5 89th Congress, 1965-1966

V.A.6 90th Congress, 1967-1968

V.A.7 91st Congress, 1969-1970

V.A.8 92nd Congress, 1971-1972

V.A.9 93rd Congress, 1973-1974

V.A.10 94th Congress, 1975-1976

V.A.11 95th Congress, 1977-1978

V.A.12 96th Congress, 1979-1980

Subseries B. Local Offices

V.B.1 Bangor

V.B.2 Biddleford (York County)

V.B.3 Lewiston

V.B.4 Portland

V.B.5 Presque Isle

V.B.6 Waterville

Subseries C. Senate office and committee staff files

Subseries D. Senate career summary files 

Series VI: Political campaigns

Subseries A. 1958 Senate Campaign

Subseries B. 1960 Kennedy-Johnson Presidential Campaign

Subseries C. 1964 Senate Reelection Campaign

Subseries D.: 1968 Humphrey-Muskie Presidential Campaign

Subseries E. 1970 Senate Reelection Campaign

Subseries F. 1972 Muskie Presidential Campaign

Subseries G. 1976 Senate Reelection Campaign

Series VII: U.S. Secretary of State

Series VIII: Post-Secretary of State

Series IX: Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission

Series X: Nestle Infant Formula Audit Commission (NIFAC)

Series XI: Albums and Scrapbooks

Series XII: Appointment Books and Visitors' Books

Series XIII: Artifacts

Subseries A. Personalia

Subseries B. Presentation Pieces, Honors and Commemoratives

Subseries C. Political Ephemera

Subseries D. Professional Souvenirs

Subseries E. NIFAC Evidence

Series XIV: Clippings

Series XV: Moving images

Subseries A. Motion Pictures

Subseries B. Videotapes

Series XVI: Photographs

Subseries A. Photographs

Subseries A. Photographs - Oversize

Subseries B. Slides

Series XVII: Sound recordings

Subseries A. Cassettes

Subseries B. Reels

Subseries C. Records