Bates began a formal recycling program in 1991. In the fall of 1998, the program was improved to include education and a standard color-coded collection system that will be phased in over the next two years. Currently, all red, blue and green bins are appropriately color-coded. Additionally, color-coded labels have been placed on all bins to identify the material that should be placed in them.

The College currently recycles the following materials: office paper, mixed paper, No. 2 plastic, tins, glass (clear and colored), metal, wood, packing peanuts, overhead transparencies, redeemable bottles and cans, newspapers and magazines, corrugated cardboard, laser cartridges and ink-jet cartridges.

For more information on more specific recycling topics, feedback and questions, try some of the topics below:

  • Recycling Statistics
  • List of Dorm Recycling Volunteers
  • Recycling Procedures for Dorms, Academic and Administrative buildings and off campus students

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