Gypsy Camp copyright 1999 Greg Anderson.

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T:Gypsy Camp
C:(c) Greg Anderson, 7 Oct 1999
R:Slow Reel
N:Gypsys still roam France, traveling now by car and trailer, and setting
N:up camps wherever space permits. Their favorite campsite in the
N:Bordeaux area is the greenspace of the University of Bordeaux campus in
N:Talence, much to the chagrin of university officials. Needless to say,
N:the sudden appearance of 150-200 gypsy trailers causes just a bit of
g2 gg fa gf|ef ed B2 BD|AD AF- FG AB|G2 FG E2 EG|
eG ef eg ea|ge dD A3 F|1G2 GF EF GE|FA df e2 ef:|
2G2 GF EG FE|B,E E2 E3 z
|:eE GB F2 EB,|EB, EF EG AB |dD FA E2 D2|DA, DE FG Ad|eE GB F2 EB,|EB, E
F GB ef|
gf ed BG FG|1E2 EF GA Bd:|2E2 EG Bd ef||

% ABC2Win Version 2.1 6/23/2000

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