Valse Carcassonne copyright 1999 Greg Anderson.

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COPY the text block of the tune and then PASTE it into your abc program. If you don't have abc software, check the ABC Homepage for abc shareware for both PCs and Macs.
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T:Valse Carcassonne
Bc dfce|d3 c B2|AB c3 B|cd ed cA|Bc df ce|!d3 e f2|
1ec AF AB|B3 F BF:|2e2 c2 A2 |B2 D2 F2
|:A3 B cB|AF ED CA,|!B,A, B,C DE|F2 D2 CD|
E3 F G2|F2 B2 c2|dc BF DC|1B,2 D2 F2:|2B,4 F2||

% ABC2Win Version 2.1 6/25/2000

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