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"Dance you buggers, dance! Or you'll never get to heaven!"

God, speaking to the Methodists in the song, "The Last Dance" by Peter Coe.

Travel these links to find a dance virtually anywhere on earth...well at least in North America! See you on the dance floor!


    DEFFA -The DEFFA Newsletter is the publication of the Downeast Friends of the Folk Arts. It is a schedule of folk music and dance events, predominantly in the State of Maine and coastal New Hampshire. >>>>Now featuring pdf of latest issue on-line.<<<<<

    NEFFA Webpage - Dan Pearl's most excellent and ever evolving website for all things traditional music and dance related!

    CONTRA DANCE RING - a new web linkfest for contradance sites.

    The Dance Gypsy - the most complete listing of contradances in the New England area and updated monthly.

Brattleboro Dawn Dance - the incredible all night party in Brattleboro, VT!



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