New Art Examiner, Reviews: Dan Mills, 1989


By Garrett Holg. View/download

Mills’ found-wood constructions offer poignent commentaries on the process of urban renewal. His materials—splintered lengths of finishing molding caked with layers of “ghetto green” enamel paint, brittle laths, dusty battered planks, and bits of signboard salvaged from the gutted interiors of delapidated buildings—are the artifacts of changing social, economic, and political histories.

Overall, there is something of the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth in Mills’s work, as he reclaims form, beauty, and even memory from the outrage of chaos of abuse and destruction. This was a powerful and often poetic exhibition.  

—Garrett Holg, "Reviews: Dan Mills”, New Art Examiner, Summer, 1989

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