The Pinky Show. Pinky interviews Dan Mills: US Future States Atlas, 2.21.09

Pinky Cat

Pinky: Would it be fair to say that by placing these images and texts on top of the maps, you are teaching people how to recognize that maps have stories of their own? And interested?

Mills: Yes. And multiple meanings. And in these works, I am adding my own stories or interpretations of stories. To reinforce the multiple meanings and narratives, these works have a title I give each (that would be found on what Kim describes as the museum’s “tidy label”), and also have text on the work itself that appears to be the title. For example, the visible work title on "(Native). American Story Quilt—A Patchwork Comforter" is “Deny Prior Histories”. Another has "I Got Mine, See?" on top of the art, but the title is "I Get Yours”, and so on.

—Pinky Cat interviews Dan Mills

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