Blogcritics. Book Review: US Future States by Dan Mills, 6.9.09

By Richard Marcus

With his US Future States Atlas Mills has created a wickedly biting satire of American foreign policy dating back to the days of the Monroe Doctrinee and Manifest Destiny. In the latter parts of the twentieth century and early twenty-first, we’ve seen the US invade countries all over the world with impunity for what has turned out to be the most spurious of rationale. Somalia, Grenada, Panama, Afghanistan, and Iraq havee all been treated to visits by american armies since the 1980s, while other countries have had to deall with forces armed and funded by various US governments. Mills’ creations are not only visually arresting with their garrish colors, but they also provide insightful and intelligent commentary on American foreign policy and how truly ridiculous some of the rationale given for those previous actions have been. 

—Richard Marcus


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