Newcastle plagiarism scandal - VC claims not his job

The Vice Chancellor at the University of Newcastle told the ICAC anti-corruption tribunal that his level of responsibility for involvement in investigating senior staff overturning a lecturer's "zero" marks for 15 alledged plagiarists, does not extend to managing the outcome of the investigation. That is, whether the mark is actually overturned. Contrarily, he feels he only manages the unit itself and its staff. Presumely, not the actual governance of educational matters. Where do you feel "the buck" stops? The VC/President or the Faculty Dean? Ref:

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Academic admits false evidence

Professor Bernard Carey, the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Business and Law at the University of Newcastle admitted he gave false evidence unwittingly to the NSW corruption watchdog.

ICAC update 13 September 2004

And elsewhere, the ICAC considers why the Vice-chancellor at Newcastle was slow in pursuing plagiarism allegations.