Attitudies towards plagiarism @ Newcastle University

In response to a plagiarism controversy, Newcastle University (Australia) has conducted a study on attitudes towards plagiarism.

"Plague of plagiarism" revisited

The Globe and Mail reviews the problem of student plagiarism and cites two largely overlooked points: plagiarism detection services are pursued as cost effective alternatives to hiring more teachers or teaching assistants; and plagiarism is an outgrowth of the increasing tendency to view education as a service industry.

Journalism & Plagiarism

The Christian Science Monitor reviews the impact of plagiarism on professional journalism.

U of Victoria conducts survey of academic misconduct

A recent survey at the University of Victoria, BC, has reinforced the view that there's a need for educating students and instructors on academic integrity.

Engineering students most likely to cheat

Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Cheating Among Engineering Undergraduate Students (PACES) have surveyed students in the US and overseas and have found that 60-90% of engineering students admit to cheating.

Teach how not to plagiarize

The History Department at Howard University emphasizes instruction in its approach to student plagiarism.

Shift away from end-of-term research essay

Plagiarism forces Canadian professors to substitute in-class assignments for out-of-class essays.

Plagiarism as "self-teaching"

British education official suggests that some types of plagiarism are a form of "self-teaching."

Auburn to implement honor code

The board of trustees at Auburn University have approved an optional honor code.
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