All papers William P. Seeley, Department of Philosophy, University of New Hampshire. Please address communication to wseeley2 at gmail dot com.

In Preparation (see also Current Research):

Concepts, Categories, and Categories of Art: Attention, Intention, and Perception in the Arts (book proposal).

Philosophy of Art & Empirical Aesthetics: Bridging the Great Divide (book proposal).

The Philosophy and Robotics Primer: Teaching Philosophy with Lego Robots (lab manual / book proposal)

Categories of Art and Computers: A Question of Artistic Style. American Society for Aesthetics Newsletter (in preparation).

Cognitive Psychology and the Philosophy of Art, in eds. Noel Carroll and Jonathan Gilmore, The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Painting and Sculpture (in preparation).

Seeking Salience in Engaging Artworks: A Short Story about Attention, Artistic Salience, and Affective Neuroscience. In eds. Julia Christensen and Antoni Gomila, The Arts and the Brain: Psychology and Physiology Beyond Pleasure, Progress in Brain Research Series, Elevier (in preparation).

Evolving Neural Network Controllers for Lego Robots (in preparation with Wade Rosko, Physics, Bates College, 2017).

Is Olfaction Really an Outlier? A Review of Anatomical and Functional Evidence for a Thalamic Relay and Top-down Processing in Olfactory Perception. (in preparation with Julie Self, Neuroscience, Bastes College 2018).

What is the Environment of the Chinese Room: Reconsidering a Hackneyed Argument.

Shape, Function, Theory, and Intention in Categories of Art

Attention and Cognitive Control in Affective Perception for Embodied Appraisals. pdf

Navigation, Charts, and the Philosophy of Art: A Cognitive Ecology of Normative Conventions

Looking after Mona Lisa: μξφα, Enigmatic Expressions, and Electromyography? pdf

Deliberative, Informative or Paternalistic: Genetic Testing as a Case Study in the Doctor-Patient Relationship.

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