William P. Seeley

Department of Philosophy

Bates College



The Power of Art (FYS 382) 

Art, Meaning & Perception (FND 182)

Philosophy of Art (Phil 227)

Philosophy of Film: A Cognitivist Approach (Phil s24a)

Aesthetics and Cognitive Science (CSES391a)

Animats, Minds, and Mobots: Exploring Cognitive Science with Lego Robotics (FYS 438, Fall 2014), (Fall 2016)

AI, Robotics, and People (Phil 447.01)

Computational Modeling, Intelligence, and Intelligent Systems (Phil 237)

The Possibility of Artificial Intelligence (Phil 321e)

Embodied Cognition and the Philosophy of Artificial Life (Phil 321f)

Computational Modeling: Autonomous Robots and Embodied Cognition (Phil 321h)

Philosophy and Cognitive Science (Phil 321g)

Senior Research Seminar, Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind Program (SPM 499)

Philosophy of Psychology (Phil 232)

Philosophy of Mind (Phil 250)

Philosophy of Science (Phil 235)

Philosophy of Language (Phil 234)

Biomedical Ethics (Phil 213)


Epistemology (Phil 3410)

Business Ethics (Phil 3314)

Introduction to Ethics (Phil 130)

Naturalizing Aesthetics (Phil 250x)

Twentieth Century Philosophy (Phil 3123)

Knowledge, Existence, and Value (Core 10 Studies)

Practical Logic (Phil 150)

Introduction to Logic (Phil 101)

Student Collaborations



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