Participate in Research

In order to participate in one of these online experiments you will need Macromedia's free Authorware plugin.

If you do not see "Participate in cognition experiments!" below you will need to download the plugin. Click here to download the free plugin.

Your rights as a participant:Your participation in any of these experiments is entirely voluntary. You have the right to terminate your participation at any time; in each experiment you will see a "quit" button. Your data will be stored by code and will never be linked with your name or IP address. If you participate, and later decide you want your data deleted, send me an email ( with your code and I will delete your data.

(1) Stroop experiment. This experiment examines the Stroop effect. If you agree to participate you will be asked to respond to the words RED, BLUE, YELLOW, and GREEN written in the colors red, blue, yellow, and green. Your accuracy and reaction times will be measured.

(2) More experiments will be added in the future.

Note for researchers: If you're wondering whether researchers should trust the data obtained using Macromedia Authorware software, see this Psychological Science article: This article claims you can replicate lab based findings "online" using this technology, even when near millisecond timing accuracy is required!



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