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Re-Indexing, Loading, Etc. Questions/Comments

  • 099 Evans records are currently in c instead of l. Should they be in l? What about sound recording call numbers (also in c).
  • 505 |t Should this be indexed in the title index? If it is indexed in t, can it also be in w (keyword)?
    Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 12:41:29 -0500
    Reply-To: MARC
    Subject: contents notes
    Comments: To:
    When discussing 505 contents notes, please remember that AACR2 defines the contents note as a descriptive field. There's no correct way to omit initial articles, or to put author names in an inverted form, so there's no correct and reliable way to put 505 $t or $r data directly into a browse index. As was noted before, 7XX fields should be used for that purpose.
    If MARBI completes its work on defining coding which could set off non-indexing characters, and the systems and utilities follow suit, then that might make it possible to code and index 505 $t data correctly; but at the present, it can't be done without violating the rules of AACR2, MARC21, or both.
    Stephen Hearn
    Authority Control Coordinator/Classics Bibliographer
    University of Minnesota
  • 533 |7 (microform cataloging; 008 for the microfilm since regular 008 is for the original) Index/limit capabilities? Currently (6/2000) only in .b12887262. (OCLC field 539 is output as 533 |7.)
  • 891 (Conser field) Does this load?
  • When we re-index, can obsolete indicators be removed (e.g., 740, 710, 1xx second indicators?)

Page author: Sharon Saunders
Date: 4/18/2001

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