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Updating Borrow/Use Policies and Clickable Locations

This functionality is being de-acivated Aug. 19, 2008. Location maps now display (via WebBridge) with the display of the bib record, along with a link to Circulation borrow/use page. Loanrule.shtml pages were viewed c. 400 times from 2006-2008 (the period for which I have weblog statistics). Although that indicates some use (contast c. 4,000 times for Circulating videos and DVDs), surfacing the Circulation borrow/use page via WebBridge should suffice. And since this functionality was never used or promoted by Circulation, it's really not worth the extra work.

Steps to de-active:

Borrow/Use Policies

Use Table

Clickable Locations

Page author: Sharon Saunders
Date: 12/19/2008

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