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Geographic Classification for 033 Field

When using this table, if the city cutter is present in subfield c, change the last digit of the state/country code from 0 to 4.
Recorded in California: 033 20 19951010|a19951012|b4360
Recorded in Berkeley: 033 20 19951010|a19951012|b4364|cB5

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United States (Cutters are from Geographic cutters, Cataloging Distribution Service, Library of Congress) Can also search LC catalog with location as subject, limited to maps.

California 4360
Anaheim A5
Berkeley B5
Burbank B9
Concord C72
Corte Madera C78
Davis D3
Fairfax F25
Glendale G5
Hollywood L8:2H5
Hollywood Bowl L8:2H6
Los Angeles L8
Malibu M26
Nevada City N4
North Hollywood L8:2N6
Oakland O2
Orange O7
Redondo Beach R4
Sacremento S2
San Diego S4
San Rafael S66
San Pedro L8:2S26
Santa Barbara S68
Santa Cruz S69
Santa Monica S7
Sousalito S74
Studio City L8:2S66
Tarzana L8:2T3
Venice L8:2V4
West LA L8:2W2
Colorado 4310
Boulder B5
Colorado Springs C5
Denver D4
Connecticut 3780
Litchfield L6
New Haven N4
Westport .W539
Delaware 3830
Felton F35
Florida 3930
Gainesville G2
Miami M5
Georgia 3920
Athens A7
Atlanta A8
Decatur D4
Illinois 4100
Chicago C6
Indiana 4090
Bloomington B5
Kansas 4200
Lawrence L3
Kentucky 3950
Louisville L7
Louisiana 4010
Bogalusa B6
New Orleans N5
Maine 3730
Bar Harbor B25
Bar Harbor [Town] B26
Lewiston L4
Readfield R4
Maryland 3840
Baltimore B2
Towson T7
Massachusetts 3760
Amherst A49
Amherst [Town] A5
Amherst College A49:2A5
Boston B6
Cambridge C2
Lenox L45
Revere R4
Westwood W68
Worcester W9
Michigan 4110
Detroit D4
Minnesota 4140
Minneapolis M5
St. Pual S4
Missouri 4160
St. Louis S4
Mississippi 3980
New Jersey 3810
Bergenfield B5
Englewood Cliffs E62
Hackensack H2
Hoboken H9
New York 3800
Brooklyn N4:3B8
Buffalo B9
Bearsville B4115
Ithaca I8
New York City N4
Purchase P85
Rochester R6
Sea Cliff S47
Troy T7
West Hurley W519
North Carloina 3900
Chapel Hill C4
Winston-Salem W8
North Dakota

Ohio 4080

Cleveland C5
Oregon 4290
Portland P6
Pennsylvania 3820
Philadelphia P5
Rhode Island 3770
Newport N4
Tennessee 3960
Memphis M5
Nashville N2
Texas 4030
Austin A9
Dallas D2
Houston H8
San Marcos S26
Utah 4340
Salt Lake City S3
Vermont 3750
Putney P8
Virginia 3880
Alexandria A3
Salem S2
Seattle S4
Springfield S75
Washington 4280
Seattle S4

(Cutters in square brackets are not from G schedule.)

Albania 6830
Argentina 5350
Australia 8960
Sydney [S9]
Austria 6490
Vienna V4
Belgium 6010
Bolivia 5320
Brazil 5400
Britain 5740
Bulgaria 6890
Canada 3400
Alberta 3500
British Columbia 3510
Manitoba 3480
New Brunswick 3430
Nova Scotia 3420
Ontario 3460
Prince Edward Island 3440
Quebec 3450
Saskatchewan 3490
Chile 5330
China 7820
Columbia 5290
Cuba 4920
Czechoslovakia 6510
Denmark 6920
Ecuador 5300
Egypt 8300
England 5750
London L7
Europe 5700
Finland 6960
France 5830
Paris P3
Germany 6295 (6299)
Berlin B3
Bremen B7
Koln [K6]
Great Britain 5740
Greece 6810
Holland 6000
Hungary 6500
Budapest [B8]
Iceland 6930
India 7650
Ireland 5780
Dublin D7
Ireland, Northern 5790
Israel 7500
Italy 6710
Rome R7
Japan 7960
Tokyo [T6]
Mexico 4410
Mexico City M6
Netherlands 6000
New Zealand 9080
Northern Ireland 5790
Norway 6940
Paraguay 5380
Peru 5310
Poland 6520
Portugal 6690
Puerto Rico 4970
Romania 6880
Russia 7000
Leningrad L4
Scotland 5770
Spain 6560
Sweden 6950
Stockholm S7
Switzerland 6040
Zurich [Z8]
Taiwan 7910
USSR 7000
Leningrad L4
United Kingdom 5740
United States 3700
Uruguay 5370
Virgin Islands 3890
Wales 5760
Yugoslavia 6840

Page author: Sharon Saunders
Date: 4/7/2003

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