Short Term in Nature Photography    S29


 Week #1:
 1. Coos Canyon, Byron - half day trip.

 2. Wolfneck State Park, Freeport - half day trip.

 3. Bates-Morse Mt. Coastal Research Area, Phippsburg - all day trip.

Week #2:
 4. Land's End, Bailey Island - half day at low tide.
 5. Grafton Notch State Park, near North Newry - all day trip.
 6. The Heath at Thompson Lake - half day trip.
Week #3:
 7. Maine State Wildlife Park, Gray - half day trip.
 8. Daggett (alias Sander's) Bog, Lewiston - half day trip.

 9. Pemaquid Point, Bristol - half day at low tide.
Week #4:
10. Maiden Head Cliff, Camden - all day trip.

11. Mohegan Island. Departure from New Harbor, leaving at 7AM; must be at boat dock by 8:30 AM; about four hours on the Island, returing at 2:30 PM for seal watch, back at New Harbor by 4:30 and home at 5:30 to 6 PM. Ferry fee.

12. Angel Falls, Houghton - all day trip.
Week #5:
 Rain-makeup trip(s): TBA.

 Lab work, discussions, or independent work are scheduled around field trips and on rainy days (but misty weather is great for photography as long as you are prepared).

 In addition to the above class trips, enrollees are encouraged to get out in the field on your own. The BOC sponsors weekend trips if you don't have independent transportation.

 Usually no fewer than 12 field trips are scheduled, sometimes including one overnight trip, to various locations ion Maine.
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