Do not overload vehicles

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Do not overload vehicles

After we had seen glorious views of the Himalaya from Almora, we went even further north for closer views. Unfortunately, by then the weather had changed and everything was clouded in. We got some heavy rain, which was good because they are dependent on rainwater and had not had any all winter. Bad for us because it also got really cold. Snow on the near mountains, and about 37 F in our unheated hotel. So after two days, instead of the five we had planned, we headed back to Delhi. First day, a four hour drive to the Nainital area (another lake, with the lovely name of Bhimtal). Then the second day, an 8.5 hour drive to Delhi. It took an hour and a half to get down out of the mountains, then the rest of the way was on the absolutely flat Gangetic Plains, and mostly on a national highway. These pictures were from along that part of the drive.

The government here does a valiant job of public service announcements. We have seen many roadside signs and billboards and even half-page newspaper ads that say: “Do not overload your vehicle. It is hazardous to safety”.

The truck in the middle “lane” in the top photo is actually not overloaded nearly as much as some we have seen. (As it is passing the bullock cart full of sugar cane, it has forced the oncoming truck off the road.)

The second picture might well be captioned “I told you so”. At the left you see the remains of the truck, and across the middle and right, its former contents, a mountain of wheat.

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