Trail building

Submitted by Pam Baker on Fri, 2006-03-17 05:23.
Trail building

Near Almora we went for a hike up to Surya Temple (Sun Temple), an 800-year old Hindu temple. It was about 3 km steadily uphill, but all on “trails” that are the roads to the villages. First picture is a work crew making a new section of trail. They use a partner technique for the shoveling, as you can see at the left in the photo. There is a rope attached to the base of the handle of the shovel. One guy jams the shovel into the ground, the other guy pulls on the rope and the force of moving the dirt is thus shared. Other guys with crowbars are breaking up the dirt, getting it ready for shoveling. Guy in the red shirt is supervising.

In the other photo you see another type of trail building: a stairway made out of solid rock by hand with chisel and sledge hammer.

They are using these same techniques, especially the stone carving techniques, in restoring and rebuilding the temple.

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