Principal Investigator

Prof. Nathan Lundblad (official Bates page, external page)


   44 Campus Ave
   Lewiston, ME 04240

Current students

Max Gold '19

Victor Fitzek '19

Mark Fusco '19

Ben Eckardt '19

Lab alumni

If you have an update to the information below, please let me know!

Xiaole "Alex" Jiang '21

Hannah Fitts '20

Nick Sergay '18
(Senior thesis: "A Self-Stabilizing Optical System for Robust Bose-Einstein Condensate Experimentation")

Salim Ourari '18
Princeton (EE PhD)

Dr. Tom Jarvis
Eastern Kentucky University (Department of Physics and Astronomy

Yara Abdelhady '18

Tiago Correia '17
(Senior thesis: "Measurements of BEC Trap Dynamics")
Columbia (Applied Math PhD)

Milan Brankovic '17
Texas A&M (Geohysics PhD)

Niccolo Bigagli '17
Columbia (Physics PhD), in the Will group

Dan Paseltiner '16
(Senior thesis: "Progress towards Bose-Einstein condensation on an atom chip as a functional testbed for experiments aboard the orbital NASA Cold Atom Laboratory") NIST SURF (postgraduate) with the Spielman group

Ben Lovitz '15
(Senior thesis: "Optical Frequency Doubling")
University of Waterloo / Institute for Quantum Computing (Physics PhD), in the Lutkenhaus group and the Watrous group

Spencer Goossens '15
(Senior thesis: "Current Stabilization in a Magnetic Trap")
Northeastern (Mechanical Engineering MS)

Nathaniel Cash '15

Joanna Moody '14
(Senior thesis: "Critical Speed Analysis of Railcars and Wheelsets on Curved and Straight Track ")
MIT (Transportation PhD) in the Regional Transportation Planning and High-Speed Rail Research Group

Yang (Chris) Guo '14
(Senior thesis: "A Study of Matter-Wave Diffraction in Bose-Einstein Condensates for Atom Interferometry Applications")
Stanford (Mechanical Engineering MS), now Applied Materials

Albert Shi '14
(Senior thesis: "Spatial Light Modulators for Variable Trapping of Bose-Einstein Condensates")
Boston College (Physics PhD)

Eddie Moan '14
(Senior thesis: "Design and Construction of Multi-dimensional Optical Lattices for 87Rb Bose-Einstein Condensates")
University of Virginia (Physics PhD) , in the Sackett group

Saad Ansari '14
(Senior thesis: "An Investigation of Quantum Dynamics in a Three-Level Bose-Einstein Condensate System")
University of Colorado, Boulder (Physics PhD) , in the Biophysics Group

Kathilee Kenlock '13
Engineering 3/2 at Columbia University

Janith Rupasinghe '13
Engineering 3/2 at Washington University

Marc Tollin '12
(Senior thesis: "Progress Towards Bose-Einstein Condensation")
Data Scientist at Localytics

Ethan Emerson '12
(Senior thesis: "Evaporative Cooling of Trapped Gas Particles: A Numerical Analysis") Analytical chemist at LS9 after graduation; now seeking chemistry PhD at Colorado State University.

Nate Funk '11
(Senior thesis: "Delay-Line Frequency Offset Locking of Two Lasers")
Engineer at Foliage

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