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Spectacles of Blood

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Ladd Library: Classical Resources Guide

Seneca: On Line Resource Guide / Sophia Project: Seneca and Stoicism

Encyclopaedia Britannica entry on Seneca

Encyclopaedia Britannica entry on Perpetua

Encyclopaedia Britannica entry on Tertullian

biographies of Tertullian: bio 1 / bio 2 / bio 3 / bio 4

The early Christian church in Western, North Africa


Bibliography from D. Noy seminar on "Dying in Public" in ancient Rome

The Cultural Meaning of Gladiatorial Combat

Lecture Outline, Roman Religion, from C. Jones: History 1085: The Roman Empire, Augustus to Constantine [Harvard U.]

Suetonius, Lives of the 12 Caesars [translations of Julius, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula and Claudius

Edward Gibbon on Roman treatment of Christians; [alternative source with easier formatting]

Stoa's Suetonius Page

Imber's Roman Civilization Lectures on

The Roman Calendar

Roman History

Roman Religion

Roman Religious Festivals


Roman Society & Constitution

Roman Triumphs

Roman Funerals

Roman Soldiers

Lives of Wealthy Romans

Lives of Poor Romans

The Roman Family

The Roman House

Some Roman Sites

Some sites/cites for Louis Althusser


About his theories



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