Latin 101

Fall '06

Bates College

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Housekeeping Information:

Course Requirements:


Quizzes & Exams:

There will a quiz every Friday of the semester. There will be a one-hour, in class quiz on October 16. The two-hour final for this class will be held Tuesday, December 13th at 10:30 am. No make-up quizzes or exams will be offered in the absence of communication from the Health Center and the Dean of Students office.


Is mandatory. You may skip three classes without penalty because life is complicated. If you skip four (4) classes, your grade will be lowered by one full grade point (i.e., an A becomes a B). If you skip five (5) classes, your grade will be lowered by two full grade points. If you skip six classes, your grade will be lowered by three full grade points. If you skip 7 classes you will receive a failing grade for the course. If you have a perfect attendance record, I will add 2.5 points to your total grade (i.e., an A- becomes an A).

SIGNIFICANT EXCEPTION: If you are ill, do not come to class. Impress me with your maturity and consideration. Go to the health center, get care and ask the health center folks to send me an email saying they saw you. There is no penalty for missing a class because you are sick. Conversely, if you come to class sick, you will expose your peers and professor to your germs, and risk your professor's unrestrained wrath. If you experience a non-health related event that requires personal attention (family emergency, etc.), get in touch with the Dean of Student's Office and let me know when you'll be back to class. There is no penalty for missing a class because you suffer a personal trauma or tragedy. Indeed, I'll be more than happy to help you catch up when you get back.

If you're reason for not coming to class does not constitute a health or personal emergency, take one of your three personal days, and do not full obliged to tell the gory details.


You will hand in homework assignments everyday. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you will hand your homework in during class. On Tuesday and Thursday, you will drop your homework off at the mailslot on my office door (Pettengill 208) by 2:30 pm. Homework is mandatory and no late homework will be accepted unless you deserve a Significant Exception.


Midterm: 25%

Final: 25%

Quizzes: 50%

Homework: Homework will be graded √+, √, √-. You will lose 1 point from your total grade for every homework assignment you fail to turn in on time. You will lose 1 point from your total grade for every homework for every homework assignment on which you receive an √√-. Students who complete all homework assignments, and who receive an √+ on all their assignments will receive 2.5 bonus points on their total grade (i.e., an A- becomes an A).

Syllabus Structure:

We will study a new chapter every class. On Fridays, we will review both chapters for 1 hour, before you take a 25 minute quiz on the two chapters. You will review each chapter and the "Practice & Review" sentences before each class. You will hand-in homework from the "Sententiae Antiquae" or workbook each day.

Web Sites:

We will use two web sites to facilitate your study of Latin. The first is the Latin Page, which has drills and excercises for each chapter we'll study this semester. The second page, VerbaSequentur, has computer graded quizzes to help you prepare for your quizzes and exams. "Verba Sequentur" means, "the words will follow" in Latin. The famous Roman orator Cato the Elder famously advised students of oratory that the best way to give a speech was to "rem tenere, verba sequentur" (stick to your topic, the words will follow). The title of the computer program, accordingly, is an example of what happens to your sense of humor when you've studied Latin for a very long time. A veritable knee-slapper.

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